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Jürg, the storyteller

Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the storyteller
Jürg, the narrator, does not need any elaborate technology or tricks. His method is simple: he tells stories.

The fairy tale made flesh

Whether it's wondrous fairy tales, dark legends or foolhardy events - Jürg Steigmeier, the deadly serious "backwoodsman" from Aargau, gives the imaginary and incorporeal far beyond the Swiss border a voice that cannot be ignored. The storyteller embodies what one had longed for in one's own childhood days, a long time ago: the fairy tale made flesh.

The Narrator

Of course Jürg is a narrator, but he doesn't tell the story as straightforwardly as we read a fairy tale to our children to help them fall asleep. Jürg Steigmeier tirelessly researches old fairy tales and sagas and their variations, detaches them from their classical models, transports them into the present and creates something new. Just as it has always been customary and customary. Jürg Steigmeier not only feels connected to this wondrous world, he virtually embodies it and has been letting adults and children in German-speaking countries and abroad participate in it for years. What he tells turns into an unheard-of event that has just happened just now in this way and no other.

Different formations

Jürg Steigmeier works together with various musicians from the new Swiss folk and theatre music scene. From Doppelbock, Christine Lauterburg, "Giigämaa" Matthias Lincke to Pflanzplätz or Patrik Zeller, the possibilities are many - depending on the occasion and budget.


Costs [CHF]

Jürg Steigmeier solo
from 1'000.00  flat-rate
In formations with
Thomas Aeschbacher Örgeli 2'000.00  flat-rate
Patrik Zeller Music 2'000.00  flat-rate
Christine Lauterburg Yodel, vocals 2'000.00  flat-rate
Group Doppelbock 4'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Fee of the artists
-   Advertising material

Not included

-   If necessary microphone and amplifier systems
-   Illuminator and lighting system if required

Team composition

Solo or with musical accompaniment

Size of audiance

1 to 200 people

Area of application

Whole of German-speaking Switzerland

Required infrastructure

from 150 persons Amplifier system with headset



Customers' views on this offer

Claudia Ryser, Schule Sevelen


Die Geschichten war spannend, unterhaltsam und gut vorgetragen. Mir persönlich hätte es noch besser gefallen, wenn es mehr gespielt, mehr mitgegangen worden wäre.

Marlis Knüsel


Der Anlass hat mehr als nur entsprochen. "Jürg der Geschichtenerzähler" hat nicht nur die Geschichten hinübergebracht, er hat auch die Gäste angesprochen (Jung und Alt) miteinbezogen, wahrgenommen.

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