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Improv Theater Playback

Improv Theater Playback
Improv Theater Playback
Improv Theater Playback
Improv Theater Playback
Improv Theater Playback
Improv Theater Playback
What the audience tells, the Playback Theater Zurich transforms into funny theater scenes in no time.

Improvisation and spontaneity

Playback theatre is improvised, interactive theatre. Under expert moderation, specially trained actors and musicians transform contributions from the audience into spontaneous theatre scenes. This results in an entertaining and unique theatre experience.

The exchange between the audience rows and the stage is stimulating, fascinating and multi-faceted. Nobody knows in advance what will be played, where the play will end. Therefore, the programme is unique, unrepeatable, intense and unforgettable every time. Every occasion thus takes on a distinctive, audience-influenced note.

Unique and unmistakable

Playback-Theater Zurich plays in tents, rooms, churches and conference rooms, in teams of three to nine players, in German, English or French and for people of all ages and professions.

Playback-Theater Zurich can be used

  • for reflection and emotional deepening at conferences, further education, symposia and workshops,
  • for the experience-oriented discussion of a current topic at schools, institutions and specialist agencies,
  • as surprising entertainment on festive occasions of private and corporate clients.
Behind the theatre group is a well-rehearsed team of thirteen actors, presenters and musicians. Since 1992, the Playback-Theater Zurich has staged around 120 performances a year throughout Switzerland and abroad.

Costs [CHF]

For companies
3 actors from 2'390.00  flat-rate
For private persons
2 actors from 1'890.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Catering and travel expenses

Optional extras

Optionally bookable
-   - Experienced moderation and bizarre quiz games for every occasion. - Readings with music on topics of your choice. - Musical entertainment

Team composition

2 to 7 actors and actresses

Size of audiance

8 to 300 people

Space requirements

at least 9 m2

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

hand microphone, in large halls headsets, 1 fixed ladder


German, Schweizerdeutsch

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