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In Love with Fire

In Love with Fire
In Love with Fire
In Love with Fire
In Love with Fire
In Love with Fire
In Love with Fire
In Love with Fire
In Love with Fire
In Love with Fire
Ignite the enthusiasm of your guests with fire dance and a hot love story.

A fiery love story

The duo "In Love with Fire" offers a special kind of "fireworks". Theatrically fiery, a crackling story is told here, a love story between two people, but also a love story to the fire. Poetically beautiful Anya Hübschle and Till Schneider present the hot element. The show has nothing to do with the fire-breathers in marketplaces, rather it is a poem, a sensual pleasure, a fairy-tale spectacle. The two artists handle the element of fire with virtuosity, faster and faster, hotter and hotter, more and more spectacular. A sensual intoxication for all who like to be enchanted.

Fire dance for special occasions

The 15-20 minute show can be shown in several blocks spread over the evening. The spectacle offers not only choreographed fire dance with different fire tools (poi, staff, swords, hand fire, clubs, fingers, fans, burning ropes) but also live singing and a lot of audience interaction.

Tailored Shows

The fire artists are happy to put together a unique show exclusively for your event. All wishes and ideas regarding theme, music, costumes or product placement can be considered. If required, the duo works together with artists from other fields (music, dance, VJs) and can provide up to 20 fire artists per show.

The Artist Duo

Since 2005 Anya Hübschle and Till Schneider have been performing as a duo under the name "In Love with Fire". They play in German-speaking countries as well as in Italy and Croatia. Since 2006 they organize "Feuerkunst Berlin", an international fire festival. The artists are regarded as experts in the field of fire safety and environmental protection.

Costs [CHF]

Private occasions from 1'300.00  flat-rate
Company events from 1'800.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Fee and performance
-   All necessary material
-   Travel expenses up to 200 Km

Not included

-   Catering at the performance venue
-   Possible overnight stay

Optional extras

-   Reveal a large burning heart or writing, a year or the like
-   Walk-Act (the duo welcomes your guests in magnificent costumes)
-   Fire and singing (Sista Firewire interprets classical jazz pieces while FireSnake fierily wooed her)
-   Grande Finale (short and extremely spectacular: Poi with pyrotechnics, glowing coal or steel wool)

Team composition


Size of audiance

50 to 1000 people

Space requirements

Minimum 4 x 4 m / 3.5 m height, indoor performances by arrangement

Area of application

All of Switzerland and Europe

Required infrastructure

Music system with micro-input (XLR), which plays self-burned CDs; room for cloakroom



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Christoph Schweizer, Lions Club Bad Zurzach


Allen Teilnehmer hat der Auftritt der Beiden sehr gut gefallen. Es war eine tolle Show der Gruppe. Absolut empfehlenswert. Gerne wieder einmal.

Danny Stettler, Hochzeit


Der Auftritt an unserer Hochzeit war einfach toll und ist auf grossen Anklang gestossen. Wir haben absolut nichts zu meckern, im Gegenteil!!

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