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Las Vegas magic show

Las Vegas magic show
Las Vegas magic show
Las Vegas magic show
Las Vegas magic show
Las Vegas magic show
Las Vegas magic show
Las Vegas magic show
Travel to Las Vegas for an evening and enjoy illusions of magic at the highest level.

Las Vegas in Switzerland

You can expect a choreographed show with perfect sound, light and special effects and a sophisticated mix of illusions and personal contact with the audience.

On display will be elements and magical animations that will delight the audience. In the small Las Vegas show, 5 to 6 grand illusions will enchant the guests. People are dissolved in smoke, pierced and perforated. In addition, amazing card tricks amaze the guests.

Throughout the entire evening, the audience is involved in the show, whether by checking the authenticity of objects or by "sacrificing" personal items.

The whole show is projected on a big screen so that every move can be followed.


Costs [CHF]

Little show
from 12'000.00  flat-rate
Complete show
from 25'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   1 - 3 show blocks
-   Entire stage infrastructure with stage house and scenery, sound and lighting system
-   Assembly and dismantling (approx. 1-2 days)
-   Value added tax

Not included

-   Additional costs for a longer journey than 1 hour from Basel and Zurich
-   Catering for the artist and staff on site
-   Overnight stay of the artist and the crew if the journey is longer than 2 hours
-   All authorisations

Optional extras

-   Full evening theater performance

Team composition

1 magician, 9 - 24 assistants

Size of audiance

ab 50 people

Space requirements

Stage or platform

Area of application

All of Switzerland


German, English

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