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Flames - the fire dancers

Flames - the fire dancers
Flames - the fire dancers
Flames - the fire dancers
Flames - the fire dancers
Flames - the fire dancers
Flames - the fire dancers
Flames - the fire dancers
The fire dancers inspire with sophisticated choreographies and spectacular fire pictures.

A fire show of the special kind

Fire never leaves anyone cold. Certainly not staged in a choreographically sophisticated spectacle accompanied by catchy music. In this fire show you will be greeted with a calm intro, followed by dynamic scenes with quick changes, witty and playful interludes and surprising effects. The show is rounded off by a flaming finale. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of fire.

A show made to measure

The show has a modular structure and is adapted to your event and your needs. It can last between 12 and 25 minutes and can be presented by 3 to 6 artists.

Artists and performers

"Flames - The Swiss Fire Dancers" is a joint project of outstanding Swiss fire artists. They work with different elements and play equipment of fire artistry: with poi, ropes, sticks, fans, swings and fire jumping ropes. The fire dancers are not only trained in playing with fire, but also in fire protection and fire fighting.

Costs [CHF]

Full version of the show
5-6 Artists from 5'000.00  flat-rate
Partial version of the show
3-4 Artists from 3'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Fee and performance
-   Travel expenses up to 200 Km
-   All necessary material

Not included

-   Catering at the performance venue
-   Possible overnight stay

Optional extras

-   Reveal a big burning heart, writing, a year, etc.
-   Grande Finale (short and extremely spectacular: Poi with pyrotechnics or steel wool)

Team composition

3-6 artists

Size of audiance

20 to 9000 people

Space requirements

min. 6 x 5 m / 4 m height, indoor performances by arrangement

Area of application

All of Switzerland and Europe

Required infrastructure

Music system that plays self-burned CDs. Room for wardrobe



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