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Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr

Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
Pascal Häring with Roue Cyr
The artist combines acrobatic skill with elegance and dancing beauty to a feast for the eyes.

High quality entertainment

Crown your event with the outstanding acrobatic skills of Pascal Häring. The artist adapts his show acts to your special ideas on request. He has enormous stage experience (over 600 shows in the last six years), became known to a wide audience through his TV appearance on "Die grössten Schweizer Talente" (2016) and will be happy to ensure that your celebration is an unforgettable experience for your guests.

The Roue-Cyr number

Pascal Häring's speciality is the Roue Cyr, a curved steel tube in which he rotates, flies, floats and circles over the stage. The artist dances with the wheel, and the wheel dances with him. The Roue Cyr number lasts five and a half minutes and is performed to the play "One man's dream" by Yanni. On request, the artist can also choreograph a four to eight-minute Roue-Cyr number to a piece of music of your choice.

Duo Roue Cyr

The two experienced artists Esther Fuge and Pascal Häring have joined forces and dance together with a ring. This impressive, cheeky and entertaining duo Cyr Wheel Performance with lindyhop elements to rousing swing music is not to be missed - a very special treat that is guaranteed to be the highlight of your event.

Other possible show acts

In addition to the Roue-Cyr number, the artist Pascal Häring will be happy to offer you and your guests further samples of his skills, for example with one of the following performances:

  • Duo performance with live music (percussion, marimbaphone)
  • Musical juggling (5-6 minutes)
  • A spectacular and futuristic LED cyr-wheel show, where the wheel can also draw custom logos and images in the darkness (7-10 minutes)
  • An impressive number with cube manipulation (2-4 minutes)

The artist and his career

After graduating in physics and three years in the electronics industry, Pascal Häring swapped his job for a training hall and trained as an artist in New Zealand and Australian circus schools. Since then he has been performing his acts on stages all over the world. He toured New Zealand with the Circus Aotearoa, appeared in the Christmas shows "Swiss Christmas" and "Noël en Cirque", toured the UK with the musical Barnum as a member of the ensemble, delighted audiences at various festivals with his Roue-Cyr number and was featured in the SRF TV show "Die grössten Schweizer Talente" in February 2016. Pascal Häring also shows his art on cruise ships, at variety evenings and festivals as well as at corporate and private events.


Costs [CHF]

juggling off 950.00  flat-rate
Roue Cyr off 1'350.00  flat-rate
Duo Roue Cyr from 2'100.00  flat-rate
LED Rou Cyr off 4'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Discussion in advance
-   Choreography and conception
-   Performance and fee
-   Costumes and props
-   Travel expenses (up to 100 km from Basel)

Not included

-   Possible overnight stay

Optional extras

-   Live music (percussion, marimba)
-   Duo Roue Cyr
-   Cube manipulation
-   LED Roue Cyr/Light Show
-   Juggling number
-   Juggling Workshops

Size of audiance

10 to 10000 people

Space requirements

Slope free and hard surface of at least 4.5 x 4.5 meters (ideal: 7 x 7 meters).

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Music system; prior rehearsal possibility on site.


German, French, English

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Customers' views on this offer

Ranka Stanisljevic, Oertli Werkzeuge AG


Was soll ich sagen - GIGANTISCH / FASZINIEREND / GENIAL !!!

Die Arbeit mit Pascal Häring war sensationell. Auch vor dem Event sowie am Event. Pascal Häring hat unsere Geschäftsleitung unsere Gäste verzaubert. Alle waren vom Auftritt fasziniert und ich würde Pascal nicht nur zu 100% sondern zu 1000% weiterempfehlen.

Schön das Pascal unser Event so verzaubert hat, wir sind richtig glücklich darüber das wir uns für Ihn entschieden haben.

Wir wünschen Ihm von HERZEN alles Gute.

Karin Gasparri, PM-International AG (Schweiz)


Herr Häring war sehr zuvorkommend und professionell.
Seine zwei Showacts mit dem Roue Cyr und dem Cube sind sehr harmonisch und eindrücklich und haben unser Publikum begeistert :-).

Wir können Herrn Häring wärmstens weiterempfehlen.

Claudia Züger, Kunststoff Schwanden AG


Herr Pascal Häring haben wir für unsere Weihnachtsfeier engagiert und wir waren von seinem Programm begeistert. Die Nummer war mit der Jonglage, dem Cube , den Leuchtkegeln und dem Roue Cyr zum einen sehr abwechslungsreich und zum anderen sehr beeindruckend und schön. Das sieht man nun wirklich nicht alle Tage!
Wir können Pascal Häring wärmstens weiterempfehlen!

Lukas Büchi, Bucher Municipal AG


Der Auftritt von Pascal Häring hat unsere Mitarbeitenden begeistert und die Erwartungen an diese Sohweinlage wurden vollumfänglich erfüllt.

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