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Claudia Rohrhirs, the storyteller

Claudia Rohrhirs, the storyteller
Claudia Rohrhirs, the storyteller
Claudia Rohrhirs, the storyteller
Claudia Rohrhirs, the storyteller
Claudia Rohrhirs, the storyteller
Claudia Rohrhirs, the storyteller
Claudia Rohrhirs, the storyteller
Claudia Rohrhirs, the storyteller
Claudia Rohrhirs tells stories and slips into different roles and costumes.

Free, lively storytelling

Listening to stories is one of the oldest pleasures of man. With the storyteller Claudia Rohrhirs you will experience the magic of storytelling in a new way: without a book, without a stage set, only through facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice the stories come alive. Be it for entertainment, conflict resolution or as a link between different cultures and life worlds: Storytelling is the art that turns a story into an experience.

The performances

Whether at your company event, a birthday party, at a candlelight or mystery dinner, for a club party in the forest hut, at schools, in hospitals or old people's homes, on or behind the moon: Claudia Rohrhirs brings you magical moments of fantasy, pause, amazement and liberating laughter. Where she stands is her stage. You decide where and when the curtain rises.

The actress

As a certified actress for clown and comedy, Claudia Rohrhirs performs on request in various costumes and roles. Be it in little black dress, as a fairy or as a medieval damsel. There are no limits to her imagination. For children she puts together adventurous storytelling and animation programs.


Costs [CHF]

Gage 1'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Preliminary telephone conversation
-   Story Selection
-   Performance and fee
-   Costumes and props

Not included

-   Travel expenses and possible accommodation costs

Optional extras

-   Artistic and musical accompaniment, e.g. fiery stories with narrator and fire-eater show
-   Workshops on the topic of narrative theater

Team composition

1 Storyteller

Size of audiance

10 to 300 people

Space requirements

1 square meter

Area of application

Whole Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Sufficient lighting with chair and table


German, Schweizerdeutsch

Customers' views on this offer

Josef Annen, Kath. Pfarrei St. Benignus


Claudia Rohrhirs und ihr musikalischer Begleiter Patrick Kessler haben eine aufgestellte Performance geboten. Sprache und Mimik waren fantastisch. In drei Blöcken wurden wir mit Sagen aus mancherlei Tälern bekannt gemacht, teils sinnliche, teils spannende Geschichten. Schade, dass der mittlere Block etwas abfiel. Der dritte Teil konnte das Publikum fesseln, so dass es sich mit grossem Applaus bedankte.

Monika Janusch, JU-AIR


Wir waren sehr zufrieden, Claudia hat sich richtig in die Rolle hinein versetzt. Auch ihr Outfit war genial. Wir können sie nur wärmstens empfehlen.

Martin Köstli, Schulen Aadorf


Claudia Rohrhirs wusste mit ihrem authentischen, frischen, spannenden Auftritt die anspruchsvolle Zuhörerschaft zu fesseln, zu begeistern und humorvoll zu unterhalten.

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