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Concert in the dark

Concert in the dark
Concert in the dark
Concert in the dark
Concert in the dark
Concert in the dark
Concert in the dark
Let the blind lead you into the hall and rediscover your sense of hearing - at the concert in complete darkness.

Intensity of the senses - listening experience with three main focuses

If we see nothing, the other senses are automatically sharpened. The sense of hearing in particular compensates for the lack of eyesight. You can check this simple fact for yourself with this unique sound experience. Three focal points characterize this extraordinary concert evening:

  • Sensitization of what is heard - noises, sounds, tones, voices and music - without any optical orientation possibilities and thus without distraction.
  • Role reversal: Blind people guide you to your seat in small groups. You are completely dependent on the help of the blind guides.
  • The instruments and the music are selected in such a way that the sources of the sound combinations are not immediately recognized. This opens up interesting new acoustic and emotional listening experiences for you.

Attunement - entering the concert hall

The concert takes place in a room that is completely darkened from the beginning. You will therefore be guided to your seat by blind people. They cannot orientate themselves and see neither the other guests nor the musicians - this alone is a very special experience. As you enter the concert hall, fine bells ring out in various places that you cannot locate. This conscious disorientation additionally sensitizes you for the upcoming concert.

Concert by Scala Nobile

The duo Sandro Schneebeli /Max Pizio plays various instruments (guitar, ukulele, baritone saxophone, clarinet, kalimba, various folkloristic flutes, various percussion instruments, etc.); melodies from all continents. Maybe you recognize some of the instruments just by listening to them, but maybe you are already very unsure how far away from the musicians you are. You will be amazed how quiet it is in the audience when there is no optical distraction at all. Towards the end of the concert the musicians light some candles before playing in the dark again. Now you will hear differently again, because you can now perceive the instruments acoustically more selectively.

Prerequisites and general conditions

The effort to completely darken a room is great. The visitors have to be led into the lightless room in small groups, which experience shows can only be done by blind people. Before the concert, the visitors are informed and instructed regarding individual light sources, mobile phones, how to find their seats, emergency precautions, etc. As the emergency exit signs are also darkened, two security guards are present in the room, who immediately turn on the lights in case of danger and guide visitors to the emergency exits.

Two concerts for 50 and more guests

The maximum number of visitors is also limited in a large room by the seating arrangement and for safety reasons (36 to 60 people). For larger groups (more than 50 people) it is therefore advisable to hold two concerts in one evening or to postpone one of the concerts to the next day. Price for additional performance on the same day and place: 500 CHF.

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
1-20 pers. 1'800.00  flat-rate
21-30 pers. 2'000.00  flat-rate
31-40 pers. 2'400.00  flat-rate
41-50 pers. 2'800.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance of the musicians
-   Material for hall preparation
-   Rent and transport of PA
-   1 to 3 blind ushers

Not included

-   Possible overnight stay
-   Catering for the artists

Optional extras

-   Possible room rent

Team composition

Sandro Schneebeli guitars, sounds, kalimba, scacciapensieri
Max Pizio
baritone and soprano saxophone, clarinet, various folk flutes, various percussion instruments

Size of audiance

1 to 70 people

Space requirements

2 x 4 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Two chairs, electricity in the middle of the room


German, French, English, Italian

Customers' views on this offer

Gudrun Geier, Mettler-Toledo International Inc.


Das Konzert im Dunkeln war ein einzigartiges Erlebnis. Wir wurden von Blinden in den völlig abgedunkelten Raum geführt und wussten weder wie wir sitzen, ob im Kreis oder wie im Konzertsaal, noch kannten wir die Anzahl der Musiker.
Das Duo "Di Vento Suoni" hat uns mit ihrer Musik verzaubert: eine Mischung aus alpenländischen Klängen mit einem Hauch Indien, gewürzt mit einer Prise Humor.

Ein herzliches Dankeschön an die blinden Führer Isabella & Hansruedi und besonders an die hervorragenden Musiker Sandro und Bruno durch die wir unseren Hörsinn neu entdecken durften!

Wir möchten dieses Hörerlebnis auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!

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