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Jill's Cocktail Combo

Jill's Cocktail Combo
Jill's Cocktail Combo
Jill's Cocktail Combo
Jill's Cocktail Combo
Jill's Cocktail Combo
Jill's Cocktail Combo
Jill's Cocktail Combo stands for authentic American jazz and swing in the nostalgic style of the 20s to 40s.

Nostalgic style

The band plays mainly classical jazz from the 20s to 40s, and swing from the 30s. The central instrument of the band is the accordion. It gives the formation its special and personal touch.

Jill's Cocktail Combo does not experiment with wild vocal interpretations, but remains true to the nostalgic, authentic style of the time. In this way, she pays tribute to the great American songbook and lyrical composers of the time.


The repertoire consists of songs dating back to the first half of the 20th century (1910-1949). Besides a selection of lesser known songs, the band also plays famous songs (such as Blue Moon, Mack the Knife, etc.), traditional jazz pieces (such as Margie, Sweet Georgia Brown, etc.) and a few popular swing numbers.

The repertoire of Jill's Cocktail Combo includes almost 100 songs. This gives the band the opportunity to adapt to the mood of the occasion. Besides some slow and romantic ballads, they play many dance numbers.


Jill's Cocktail Band was formed in November 2002 when Jill was asked to sing swing dance at the cocktail hour before a New Year's Eve dance. The project was called simply "Jill's Cocktail Band". The name remained and became a permanent fixture in the Swiss music scene. Accordion player Felix Zimmermann, musical director of the band, worked out the arrangements together with Jill. Eddie Davies joined the band a year later, followed by top drummer Phil Franklin. Jill was happy to welcome Bruce Roberts as a new member in 2009, as the band had previously played without a leading instrument.
Jill's Cocktail Band focused on the accordion as the leading instrument, and the band played successfully until October 2013, when the unexpected tragic death of Felix Zimmermann heralded the end of an era.
Finally, in 2014 "Jill's Cocktail Combo" was formed, a predominantly British jazz and swing band. The renowned pianist Alan Rogers, with whom Jill had already sung, joined the band. As an experienced and professional song composer and pianist, Alan brings his own wonderful style to the music, adding new compositions and new sound to the well-known songs of the former "Jill's Cocktail Band". Besides drummer Erwin Griesshaber, Eddie Davies plays the bass. And Jill's husband Ged Fern takes over when Eddie is unavailable.

Some songs from the 20s - 40s

Bye Bye Blackbird
Baby won't you pleas come home
Just a Gigolo
Or is you Ain't My Baby

Costs [CHF]

Short appearances from 1'700.00  flat-rate
Standard appearance from 2'400.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Fee and performance
-   Public address system up to medium sized restaurants

Not included

-   Travel costs

Optional extras

-   The band also performs as a trio or quartet.

Team composition

vocals, piano, double bass, drums, sax clarinet

Size of audiance

5 to 300 people

Space requirements

approx. 10 square meters

Suitable for

cocktail parties, vernissages, bar music, cultivated background music

Not suitable for

marquees, Oktoberfest parties, etc.

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Power connection


German, English

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Customers' views on this offer

Helen Schildknecht, FBS Informatik AG


Jill und Ihre Band waren total unkompliziert und flexibel. Es hat viel Spass gemacht mit ihnen. Die Musik ist bei unseren Gästen sehr gut angekommen und hat so unseren Event toll abgerundet. Vielen Dank für das tolle Engagement!

Stephanie Wegmann, Hochzeit


Super Musiker und sehr sympathisch hat unser Fest zu etwas ganz speziellen gemacht! Unsere Gäste waren begeistert!!! Genau der richtige style für unsere Hochzeit!
Tausend dank an die tolle Band.

Gabriela Frei, SGWH


Die Mitglieder von Jill`s Cocktail Combo sind pünktlich vor Ort erschienen. Bereits beim Apéro haben sie spontan mit dem Saxophon und dem Piano stimmungsvolle Musik im Foyer verbreitet. Anschliessend spielten sie während des ganzen Abend mit viel Können und Engagement - sogar auf Wunsch einen Walzer...
Das Abrechnen und Zusammenräumen verlief ebenfalls reibungslos. Jederzeit wieder!

Klaus Bieniek, Geburtstag


Obwohl ich Jill's Cocktail Combo schon einmal gehört hatte, hat es meine Erwartungen weit übertroffen. Sie haben nicht nur fantastisch gespielt, sondern sich perfekt in das Programm des Abend eingefügt, Musikwünsche erfüllt und spontan einen Tanz-crash-Kurs begleitet.
Auch das Feedback der Gäste war "supertolle Band....wie findet man so Etwas".
Begeisterung pur!

Pierina Cadruvi


Professionell abgewickelt, charmanter Auftritt, unsere Gäste und wir waren sehr begeistert. Auf jeden Fall empfehlen wir die Band weiter!

Hans + Marjorie Baumeler


Absolutely fantastic!

David Scheidegger, Hotel Storchen


Es hat bestens geklappt und ich kann Jill's Cocktail Band nur weiterempfehlen.

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