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Jimmy Flitz - Children's band

Jimmy Flitz - Children's band
Jimmy Flitz - Children's band
Jimmy Flitz - Children's band
Jimmy Flitz - Children's band
Jimmy Flitz - Children's band
Jimmy Flitz - Children's band
Jimmy Flitz - Children's band
Experience how Jimmy Flitz the mouse travels through Switzerland in a heart-warming dialect children's concert.

"Jimmy Flitz-Band" folk rock, reggae, child-friendly and groovy

When Jimmy Flitz the mouse rocks the Wankdorf stadium or travels to the cockroaches of Interlaken, things really get going. The mammoth is stomped back to life with a herd of children. Or you can sing a hymn to the earth. During the "Bebegei" song, young guests are spontaneously integrated into the show. Roland Zoss has set new standards as a committed friend of children and as a great entertainer for little ones. With fine arrangements, profound lyrics and a band that also inspires adults.

The man with the mouse...

Song poet Roland Zoss is the head of the JimmyFlitz band. He has received several awards for his poetic-musical work. For example, for the animal ABC "Xenegugeli", for the lullabies "Schlummerland" and the cultural radio play series of the mouse Jimmy Flitz including the "Wiehnachts-Musical" (TV SRF). Swiss Post honored the musician and author's many years of commitment with a stamp in 2010.
The Jimmy Flitz band, known for its fine choral singing, features professional musicians such as Tinu Staldemann (drums), Toni Tortuga aka Christian Blaser (electric guitars), Role Reisinger (bass) and Dajana Wetzel (piano).


Some songs by Jimmy Flitz

Jimmy Flitz

Costs [CHF]

Performance 3'100.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Two microphone headsets and transmitter
-   Travel expenses Cantons BE, JU, SO, AG
-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Catering for the artists

Optional extras

-   For performances with over 250 peopleSound engineer & PA & lighting (+ CHF 800.00)

Team composition

Roland Zoss (Voc, Git)
Tinu Stadelmann (Drums)
Toni Tortuga (E-Git)
Roland Reisinger (Bass)
Dajana Wetzel (Piano, Voc)

Size of audiance

100 to 1000 people

Space requirements

4 x 6 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Four chairs, possibly back wall for posters, light. Up to 300 people: Small mixer and speakers for vocals and piano. For more than 300 people: Larger system to be provided by the organizer.



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