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Sally and Pirelli, the action-comedy duo

Sally and Pirelli, the action-comedy duo
Sally and Pirelli, the action-comedy duo
Sally and Pirelli, the action-comedy duo
The comedic couple offers a breathtaking stage show without many words, but full of action, artistry and slapstick.

Walk acts and funny moderation

If you want to amaze, inspire and make your guests laugh at the same time, then book the duo Sally and Pirelli for your next event. In addition to the classic comedy show, the two modern comedians also offer walk acts in which they mingle with the audience as likeable and cheeky characters, for example as comical cooks, clumsy policemen or nose-wise cleaning ladies. Manuel Schunter alias Pirelli is also a witty presenter who charmingly leads through your evening program.

Show with action and artistry

In the comedy action show of Sally and Pirelli there is no moment of boredom. Knives are flying, plates are juggled, and racket follows astonishing illusions, which in turn lead to breakneck artistry. The unequal couple has to struggle with treacherous props and at the same time manages to involve the audience in a humorous way. Get ready for a breathtaking show! Since there is little speech, the performance is also suitable for an international audience.

The Comedy Duo

Josune Goenaga (alias Sally) and Manuel Schunter (alias Pirelli) are two stage professionals who both studied at the Scuola Dimitri in Ticino, with Philip Gaulier in Paris and at the National Circus School in Havana (Cuba). They have been on stage together since 2011. They have performed in Monti's Variété, in the Theater Madame Bissegger, in Das Zelt and at the 100-year anniversary of Circus Knie, among others, and entertained the audience at numerous large fairs, galas and events, including for Mercedes, Lufthansa and Volkswagen.


Costs [CHF]

Show (approx. 30 min.) 1'450.00  flat-rate
Walkact with show (approx. 1,5 h) 1'600.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Preparation time
-   Required material
-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Travel costs
-   Possible overnight accommodation costs
-   Catering for the artists

Optional extras

-   Moderation of the event

Team composition

Josune Goenaga alias Sally
Manuel Schunter aka Pirelli

Size of audiance

30 to 1500 people

Space requirements

Minimum 3 x 4 m

Suitable for

company events, galas, christmas parties, fairs, bigger birthday parties, weddings

Not suitable for

Performances in very small rooms

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Sound system and technician/DJ during the show, sound check before the show, 2 headsets or hand mics, room with changing facilities near the stage


German, French, English, Italian, Spanisch

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