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Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics

Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Lucy & Lucky Loop - Comedy and acrobatics
Can't decide whether you want to offer your guests comedy, poetic theatre or artistry? Then Lucy & Lucky Loop is the right choice.

Poetry, acrobatics and music

The artist duo "Lucy & Lucky Loop" offers you a highly diversified show in which elements of poetry, acrobatics and music are juggled with virtuosity. They play with gravity and fire and enchant your audience with circus art, charm and humour. Besides the individual shorter and longer shows, which can be combined with each other, Lucky also performs solo as a musician.

The show elements

  • partner acrobatics
    In their partner acrobatics program, Lucy & Lucky Loop make your guests amazed and laugh with wit and artistry. The music, the costumes and the acrobatic performances are tailored to your event. Duration: 6 minutes

    The "Marionetta" is brought to life by Lucky Loop and tempted to acrobatic flights of fancy. He conducts her play with music, lets her perform unbelievable contortions and finally, on snow-white cloths, lets her seemingly weightlessly soar into the air. Duration: 10-45 minutes

  • Commedia Circolare
    A homage to jugglery and street art. On their red carpet Lucy & Lucky Loop unfold a colourful mosaic of clownish, musical and acrobatic performances. The two clowns play their way into the hearts of the audience at breakneck speed - and don't put their foot wrong. Duration: 10-45 minutes

    A very special kind of sensual pleasure. Lucy & Lucky Loop carry your guests off into a fiery fantasy world where burning ropes, flickering fans and a blazing hula-hoop merge with atmospheric music. Duration: 5-20 minutes

  • Flying Living Statues
    Lucy & Lucky Loop mingle with your guests as floating statues to break the ice and, if required, serve ice-cold drinks, for example during the welcome or aperitif. Duration: max. 60 minutes

  • air acrobatics
    Who has never dreamed of taking off gracefully from the ground? Where dreams end, Lucy steps in. Whether on the trapeze, on the rope, in a vertical cloth or in a ring: in the air she feels like a fish in water. Thanks to the lollypop structure, weightlessness also fits into less breathtaking rooms. Duration: approx. 6 minutes

  • Hula Hoop
    Lucy has over 20 hula-hoops dancing around her body. The acrobatic show is suitable for any occasion and can take place on practically any stage. Duration: approx. 6 minutes

  • Cyr Wheel
    When Lucky whirls through space in his curved steel tube, da Vinci's Vitruvian man grows together with the most modern circus discipline. The human spinning top is particularly suitable for outdoor events or spacious rooms. Duration: approx. 6 minutes

Lucky solo as musician

As a multi-instrumental one-man-band (guitar, melodica, calimba, children's trumpet, electronic percussion) Lucky pays tribute to the loop and provides for an upbeat mood at your party with funky guitar sounds, groovy bass and pulsating reggae.


Costs [CHF]

solo from 900.00  flat-rate
Duo from 1'600.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Rehearsals and performance
-   Costumes and props

Not included

-   Travel expenses of the artists
-   Catering and drinks of the artists
-   Possible overnight accommodation costs

Optional extras

-   Simple stage light
-   Music system
-   Air artistry framework

Team composition

2 artists

Size of audiance

10 to 3000 people

Space requirements

Ideal playing surface: 4 x 5 meters (can be adapted to the venue)

Suitable for

Festivals, galas, open-air shows, variety shows, circus, theatre, family celebrations, private events, weddings, very small and large stages

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

The shows are suitable for any kind of stage and can be adapted according to the technical equipment.


German, French, English, Italian

Customers' views on this offer

Peter Fahrni, Vereinsanlass


Heute war jetzt der Auftritt von Lucy & Lucky Loop. Alle waren begeistert von den beiden.

Natascha Etspüler, Pfauen,Zentrum für Pflege und Betreuung


Die Darbietung von Lucy & Lucky Loop war ein absolutes Highlight an der Personalfeier unserer Institution. Die Show war kurzweilig und unterhaltsam und faszinierte alle Zuschauer sehr. Trotz mangelnder Raumhöhe verstanden es die beiden, sich der gegebenen Situation mit ihrem Programm anzupassen. Auf unaufdringliche Weise wurden auch einige Zuschauer in die Show eingebunden, ohne dabei ausgestellt zu wirken.
Auch der Kontakt zu den beiden Künstlern war sehr freundlich und unkompliziert. Ich kann Lucy und Lucky Loop allen, die Freude an Akrobatik und Clownerie haben, nur empfehlen.

Andrea Wolff, Häberlin AG


Die Artisten waren spitze! Unsere Gäste waren begeistert. Es war eine super Kombination von Akrobatik, Spass und Interaktion. Wirklich eine tolle und gelungene Show! Und auch der Umgang war sehr unkompliziert und offen, unsere Motto Dschungel habe sie gut eingebracht. Ich werde die zwei gerne weiter empfehlen.

Heinz Stettler, Topla Laden- und Inneneinrichtungs AG


Lucy & Lucky Loop haben uns voll begeistert. Unser Anlass forderte den Artisten in Bezug auf die engen Platzverhältnisse alles ab. Lucy & Lucky Loop haben sich wie selbstverständlich in «unsere Familie» eingefügt. Dazu haben Sie es auf unglaubliche Art verstanden, alle in Ihren Bann zu ziehen. Wir erlebten eine halbe Stunde wie im Traum... Gerne empfehlen wir Lucy & Lucky Loop ohne wenn und aber für alle, die dem Alltag einmal kurz entfliehen wollen. Besten Dank und alles Gute.

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