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Clownina Milu – spontaneous clownery

Clownina Milu – spontaneous clownery
Clownina Milu – spontaneous clownery
Clownina Milu – spontaneous clownery
Clownina Milu – spontaneous clownery
Clownina Milu – spontaneous clownery
Clownina Milu – spontaneous clownery
Clownina Milu – spontaneous clownery
Clownina Milu – spontaneous clownery
Clownery to make you laugh, artistry to amaze you and poetry to make you dream: the charming Milu delights with a varied programme and unusual costumes.

Stage show "On stage

In her stage show, Clownina Milu delights children or adults with charm and slapstick, little magic tricks and artistry, thrills and magic moments, little poetry and big illusions. Your show can last from 10 to 60 minutes and optionally includes the following elements:

  • clownery
  • swinging organ
  • hula hoop
  • lollypop
  • cloth artistry
  • magic tricks
Milu will gladly tailor her stage program in scope and content to your event, including entrance or aperitif accompaniment. Let us put together a tailor-made clown show for you.

Program "On the road

Milu garnishes your event as a walking clown with a colorful entertainment program. Whether for a humorous welcome as a "Welcome Act", during the event as a "Walking Act" or as a subtly funny aperitif loosening: Clownina Milu adapts her program "On the road" gladly to your wishes. The repertoire includes:

  • Welcome Act with barrel organ
  • Mobile children's face painting from a vendor's tray
  • Balloon modelling.
  • Walking act with minibike and gentleman bike
  • (LED) hula hoops and various costumes
  • Circus animation for young and old

Program "Small and fine

Are you planning a party in a restaurant or other venue without a stage and want to offer your guests good entertainment despite limited space? Then you can book Clownina Milu with the program "Small and fine". Milu offers spontaneous clowning with or without Hula Hoop, but always in great costumes, in which she balances between the tables to her guests. It looks quite clever until she falls on her nose for the first time. Quel malheur! And it doesn't remain the only mishap. But Milu immediately puts a smile on her face and that of the audience. She plays her music charmingly and dances on without a care in the world. Will her dream of becoming a ballerina come true in the end?

Costs [CHF]

On the road
Performance up to 3 hours 1'200.00  flat-rate
Each additional hour 200.00  flat-rate
On stage
Stage show 1'500.00  flat-rate
Small and fine
Performance in the canton of Glarus, 1 hr. 800.00  flat-rate
With two clowns from 2'200.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Preparation of the show
-   Performance and fee
On the road and on stage only.
-   Travel costs up to 100 km

Not included

-   Catering for the artist
-   Any overnight accommodation costs

Optional extras

On the road and on stage...
-   Circus animation for children and adults, reinforcement by young artists
At "Klein und fein"
-   Matchmaking or costume sewing with guests (for hosts)

Team composition

1 clown

Size of audiance

10 to 500 people

Space requirements

Space requirement for "On stage" (stage show): Area 3 x 3 m, height 2 m, height of lollypop and cloth min. 3.5 m, cloth additionally hanging point à min. 500 kg. The program "On the road" is adapted to the possibilities of the customer. Space requirement for "Small and fine" (if with Hula Hoop): Area 1.5 x 2 m, height 2 m

Suitable for

anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, inaugurations, openings, fairs

Area of application

Whole Switzerland



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