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Fire in the Sky - Fire show with acrobatics

Fire in the Sky - Fire show with acrobatics
Fire in the Sky - Fire show with acrobatics
Fire in the Sky - Fire show with acrobatics
The fire show, perfectly choreographed to the music with acrobatic elements, makes every eye sparkle. A fiery enchantment for your event.

breathtaking show

"Fire in den Sky" is a hot, fiery show that combines perfectly choreographed dance with acrobatic elements. It includes fire breathing, technical swings with various fire equipment such as a stick, hula hoop, sparkling ropes, blazing fans, special effects and with a sparking finale. Look forward to a dance that will leave no spectator cold.

The artists of Art en Air play the show in duo, trio and if desired also in larger formations.

The show usually lasts 15-20 minutes. The duration can be adjusted to your wishes.

The Artists

Roswitha started ballet as a little girl and gained her first experience in acrobatics on the ground and in the air (on the trapeze) as a child in the children's circus Robinson.
Afterwards she competed in apparatus gymnastics and took part in numerous shows. Later she completed a three-year study of dance and choreography for modern stage dance at the ZTTS in Zurich. During and after her dance studies she continued her education in numerous workshops with national and international teachers in dance, choreography and artistry. She also worked as a stage at the Ecole de cirque Zôfy in Sion and at the renowned circus school "the Toronto School of Circus Arts".

Marcel has always done a lot of sports, played beach volleyball and volleyball intensively, until he once saw a fire show and was able to hold a firestick in his own hand. A workshop about fire inspired him so much that the art of fire has been with him ever since. For several years he has been training fire art and has been trying out new movements again and again. He builds his fire tools mainly by himself.
For several years Marcel has also been enthusiastically training Kung Fu and Kobudo (Japanese martial art with weapons). The movements and sequences of the martial art inspire his fire show.


Costs [CHF]

Depending on location and scope
Duo from 1'500.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Rehearsals and performance
-   On-site assembly and dismantling
-   Travel costs up to 150 km

Not included

-   Catering and possible overnight stay
-   Travel costs from 150 km

Optional extras

-   Other artists
-   Air acrobatic shows, duo acrobatics and walk acts
-   Own amplifier with battery (for smaller occasions)
-   More Pyrotechnics
-   Flammable heart (weddings), flammable numbers (anniversaries, birthdays)

Team composition

two, three or more performers

Size of audiance

10 to 2000 people

Space requirements

If possible at least 7x6 meters (if not, we will clarify in advance how the show can be presented)

Area of application

All of Switzerland and worldwide


German, French, English, Italian, spanisch, nonverbal

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