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Nora Zoller - ring artistry

Nora Zoller - ring artistry
Nora Zoller - ring artistry
Nora Zoller - ring artistry
Nora Zoller - ring artistry
Nora Zoller - ring artistry
Nora Zoller - ring artistry
Smooth and as light as if she were weightless, the artist circles in the ring over the ground and floats in airy heights.

The combination of air ring and Cyr wheel

The professional young artist Nora Zoller combines two independent disciplines in a unique way: the air ring (air acrobatics in a suspended tire) and the cyr wheel (a unicycle with which the artist circles over the ground). With one and the same ring she floats, turns and glides amazingly easily and elegantly through the air and over the ground.

Sensational appearance at your event

Nora Zoller shows her skills in variety shows, at fairs, in the circus and wherever a unique artistic highlight is required. With her combination of air ring and cyr wheel, she equally inspires audiences from Hamburg to Cannes and Beijing. Nora will be happy to adapt her performance to your special needs. On request, she will also present Luftring and Cyr wheel as two independent acts or complement her performances with artistry on the vertical cloth - just as you wish and as your audience will appreciate it.

Costs [CHF]

excl. 7.7% VAT
Depending on appearance from 900.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Preliminary clarifications
-   Technical preparations
-   costume, props, music
-   Appearance

Not included

-   Possible overnight stay
-   Travel expenses
-   Catering

Optional extras

-   Tread only with vertical cloth
-   Air ring and Cyr wheel combined
-   Workshop with vertical cloth
-   Performance only with Cyr wheel
-   Tread only with air ring

Size of audiance

10 to 1000 people

Space requirements

Cyr wheel: 5 x 5 meters; straight floor; optimal: wood covered with dance floor.

Air ring and cloth: 2 x 2 metres surface, above it a hanging point of at least 250 kg.

Area of application

Whole of Switzerland and neighbouring countries


German, French, English

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