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Sugarfive - Homage to Zucchero

Sugarfive - Homage to Zucchero
Sugarfive - Homage to Zucchero
Sugarfive - Homage to Zucchero
Five passionate musicians play the most beautiful songs of Zucchero and bring a rocking party atmosphere to your party.

The greatest successes of Zucchero

From the great passion for the music of Zucchero "Sugar" Fornaciari the tribute band Sugarfive was born in 2005. Five experienced musicians from Zurich and the surrounding area have together developed a musical program that covers the Italian singer-songwriter's greatest successes from the beginning of his career to current hits.

Passionate self-interpretations

Inspire your guests with a band that doesn't just play covers, but interprets each song personally and performs it with passion. The real Zucchero "Sugar" Fornaciari can retire confidently - his succession is assured.

Concert at your event

The concerts of Sugarfive last about 90 minutes (without intermission). At your party the band will play two sets of 45 minutes each or three sets of 30 minutes each with a short break between each set. Longer lasting performances are also possible. The band is suitable for wedding and birthday parties as well as parties and events of all kinds. It offers a rocking sound to which you can dance and celebrate.


Music examples

Baila (sexy thing)
Il mare impetuoso
Diavolo in me

Costs [CHF]

Without music system (PA with technician),
Fee only 1'700.00  flat-rate
With music system (up to 200 pers.)
and fee 1'900.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Fee

Not included

-   Travel expenses of the band
-   Food and drinks of the musicians
-   Possible overnight accommodation costs (if arrival from Zurich is longer than 1.5 hours)
-   Lighting system

Team composition

Nevio Tebaldi: Singing
Dino Romano: Bass
Davide Mandato: Percussion
Tommaso Tedesco: Guitar
Fabiano Lapulce: Keyboard

Size of audiance

20 to 400 people

Space requirements

Minimum 4 x 5 meters

Area of application

whole of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Power connection. PA system of the band is ideal for about 200 people. If the PA system is provided by the organizer, a technician is required on site to mix the sound. The lighting system is the responsibility of the organizer.



Customers' views on this offer

Caroline Bobek, Stiftung zur Palme


Es war toll, Sugarfive an unserem Anlass dabei zu haben. Sie waren unkompliziert, professionell und einfach toll! Unsere Besucher waren sehr begeistert! Wie wir auch.
Auch die Planung im Vorfeld war tiptop und sehr angenehm. Einfach molto simpatico !

Heinz Rusch, Privat


Die Sugarfive haben unsere Gartenparty mit ihrem authentischen Zucchero Sound bereichert. Ihre Ausstrahlung, Lässigkeit und Professionalität waren einfach genau das Richtige für uns, unsere Gäste, unseren Garten und unsere Bühne. Kommt wieder!

Vittorio Zinno, Hochzeit


Sugarfive waren einfach fantastisch, ich werde sie irgendwann wieder buchen.
Sehr professionel, sympatisch und sehr gute Musiker.

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