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Soulane - Acoustic Music Band

Soulane - Acoustic Music Band
Soulane - Acoustic Music Band
Soulane - Acoustic Music Band
Soulane - Acoustic Music Band
Soulane - Acoustic Music Band
Soulane - Acoustic Music Band
Soulane - Acoustic Music Band
With fine tones, not loud and yet penetrating, simple and sophisticated at the same time, the duo takes your guests into another world.

Relaxing musical walk

"Soulane" - the name says it all, because the duo takes its listeners on a musical walk that touches the soul ("Lane" means "way"). With only a guitar and a voice, without frills and technical refinements, the two musicians play well-known and unknown songs from the last decades of pop history. Whether it's a rock ballad by Gotthard or an evergreen like "Like a natural women", their love for music is palpable in each of their soulful interpretations. Listen to Soulane and forget the stress of everyday life. With these subtle sounds you can just be and enjoy.

Song program as you wish and recordings

Do you have favorite songs that you would like to hear at your party? The two musicians will be happy to study special songs for you. You also have the possibility to have the concert recorded, in case of weddings also with the wedding ceremony. Let Soulane create a CD with a colorful cover, which you can also give to your guests as a souvenir. The duo also offers you their own virtual picture gallery on the band's website after the wedding reception, as well as a guestbook for you and your guests.

The duo and its interaction

Stephanie's clear, warm voice enchants the audience from the first note. Full of sensitivity, the singer conveys the special mood of each song. Gilbi embraces her vocals in a restrained yet powerful manner. With minimal sounds he weaves each song into a unity and incorporates characteristics of various styles in a refreshingly unconventional way. Do you like it simple, but in a sophisticated, upscale way? Then this band is the perfect musical accompaniment for your next celebration.


Some samples

Hiding my Heart Away

Costs [CHF]

Wedding ceremony from 400.00  
Apéros from 800.00  
Wedding feast from 1'800.00  
Concert from 1'200.00  

Included in the price

-   Light (4 LED spotlights, 2 stage spotlights)
-   PA (amplifier)
-   Standard equipment

Not included

-   Travel expenses
-   Catering for the musicians
-   Any overnight expenses

Optional extras

-   Radio microphone for organizer
-   Background music equipment
-   Wedding on CD

Team composition

Stephanie: vocals, percussion, bass
Gilbi: guitar, ukulele and background vocals

Size of audiance

1 to 1000 people

Space requirements

At least 2 x 1.4 m

Suitable for

Wedding ceremonies, aperitifs, weddings, vernissages, fairs, christenings, dinners, graduation ceremonies, concerts, corporate events, club events, dine & music, evening events, galas, garden parties, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, private parties, clubs, bars, lounges

Not suitable for

Children's birthday parties, as a dance or party band

Area of application

Whole Switzerland

Required infrastructure

1 socket within reach


German, English

Customers' views on this offer

Franziska von Dach, Hochzeit


Unsere Hochzeitsfeier ist nun schon ein paar Wochen in der Vergangenheit. Eure Lieder an unserer freien Trauung waren der Hammer. Es hat alles gepasst. Das Lied von Eliane, welches ihr extra für uns einstudiert habt, war perfekt. Auch die Musikalische Umrandung am Apéro war super. Wir haben viele positive Rückmeldungen von unseren Gästen erhalten. Dezent im Hintergrund und dennoch volle Präsenz. Es war einfach toll! Macht weiter so! Eure Stimmen mit der Gitarrenbegleitung die sind perfekt und harmonieren super! Vielen lieben Dank, dass ihr unseren Tag mit eurem Können bereichert habt.

Tobias Neuenschwander, Hochzeit


Für unsere Trauung haben wir nach einer Band gesucht, welche sowohl die Trauung selbst mit PA als auch den Apero rein akustisch begleiten kann. Mit Stephanie und Gilbi haben wir einen wahren Glücksgriff gemacht. Die beiden haben die von uns ausgewählten Songs mit viel Gefühl vorgetragen. Alles lief absolut unkompliziert ab und die Zusammenarbeit mit unserer freien Traurednerin hat perfekt funktioniert. Aufbau am Trauungsort, „Züglete" an den Ort vom Apéro, auch ohne PA ein absolutes Erlebnis.
Vielen herzlichen Dank, dass ihr unseren Tag in der Kartause Ititngen so perfekt gemacht habt.

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