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Do you like in-depth conversations and interesting stories? At this moderated event, anyone who wants to can tell a story. Those who don't speak practise listening.

The moderated storytelling session

Small talk is all well and good, but conversations with depth and stories from life are really enriching. That's exactly what this moderated event format is all about. Everyone present is allowed to share what they have experienced, seen or heard on a particular topic. The others practise the art of attentive listening. This is particularly interesting at a company event when the employees speak and the bosses "only" listen. The theme can be adapted exclusively to your company, whether for pure entertainment at a company party or as a team-building event.

This is how it works

In the first part (around an hour), the presenter introduces the topic by telling their own anecdotes, showing a suitable object or using songs, excerpts from radio plays etc. to trigger memories about hearing. memories about hearing. After the introduction, the moderator makes sure that everyone who wants to contribute has their say. Speaking is never compulsory, only listening! In the second part, everyone has the opportunity to talk again about what they have heard, ask each other questions or simply exchange ideas in an informal way. This part can easily be combined with an aperitif.

Other possible occasions

The moderated storytelling is also suitable as an introduction to a vernissage or exhibition and is a great highlight at birthday parties, anniversaries and other events. It can take place in small or large groups, outdoors or indoors, with profound or light topics: Anything is possible! Let us inspire and advise you.


Costs [CHF]

Storytelling session
From 10 pers. 600.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Moderation of the storytelling session
-   Any material on topics

Not included

-   Travel expenses
-   Aperitif and catering

Size of audiance

10 to 100 people

Space requirements

Circle of chairs for up to 30 people, concert seating with stage for larger groups

Suitable for

Company events, team-building events, birthday parties, weddings, Christmas parties, group events, club meetings; discussion groups in retirement homes, schools, youth clubs, museums, libraries, at exhibitions, vernissages and concerts

Not suitable for

Children under 8 years

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Tables and chairs, additional mobile microphones for groups of 20 people or more



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