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Klaus Gremminger, the magician

Klaus Gremminger, the magician
Klaus Gremminger, the magician
Klaus Gremminger, the magician
Klaus Gremminger, the magician
Klaus Gremminger, the magician
Klaus Gremminger, the magician
This eloquent magician offers your guests much more than magic: He makes his audience marvel, laugh and dream.

Surprising, poetic, magical

When Klaus Gremminger enters the stage, it takes only a few magic moments until the whole hall is enchanted. He juggles not only with balls but also with words, masters mental magic as well as the classical tricks of the magic art and combines poetry, magic and fantasy to a fascinating total work of art. Your guests will hang on the lips of the charming speech and magic artist, they will rub their eyes in amazement and laugh from the heart. Look forward to a 20 to 40-minute show, which is adapted to your needs and your occasion and gives your celebration that special magical touch.

The "Theologian with the Magic Powers"

Klaus Gremminger has 30 years of stage experience. He has won the Swiss Magic Championships and is a certified member of the Magic Ring of Switzerland. His love for language and philosophy is noticeably expressed in his shows. Besides his artistic activities Klaus Gremminger works as a pastor. He lives in Uzwil and is known there as the "Theologian with the magic powers".

Costs [CHF]

Private occasions from 700.00  flat-rate
Company events from 800.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Travel expenses
-   Catering of the artist
-   Possible overnight stay

Size of audiance

15 to 200 people

Space requirements

Minimum 2 x 3 m

Suitable for

Company dinners, club events, private celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, cultural events such as vernissages and award ceremonies, performances in a rather concentrated atmosphere

Not suitable for

Performances in beer gardens, during festive occasions and in noisy and noisy places or occasions

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Room for preparation, stage placed in front of the audience, depending on the size of the hall and the audience: power connection for amplification system



Customers' views on this offer

Ute van Appeldorn, Pfarrei St. Franziskus


Mit seinem wunderbaren Auftritt war Herr Gremminger noch einige Tage nach dem Anlass Gesprächsthema bei allen Teilnehmenden. Alle genossen einen in jeder Hinsicht unterhaltsamen, fröhlichen aber auch tief-sinnigen Abend.
Herr Gremminger versteht es sehr feinfühlig auf seine Zuschauer*innen einzugehen, sie mit einzubeziehen in sein Programm. Wir haben haben gelacht, gestaunt und waren verzaubert. Herzlichen Dank!

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