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Son de la Suiza - Cuban sounds

Son de la Suiza - Cuban sounds
Son de la Suiza - Cuban sounds
Son de la Suiza - Cuban sounds
Son de la Suiza - Cuban sounds
Son de la Suiza - Cuban sounds
Son de la Suiza - Cuban sounds
The five-piece salsa band plays authentic Latin American music for dancing or listening and enriches every occasion with lively Caribbean atmosphere.

Hot atmosphere

Are you looking for a band to get the mood going at your party? With Son de la Suiza you are in the right place. The salsa band develops an incredible energy on stage and heats up your guests even on cold winter days. In the eye of the typhoon is the singer and dancer Raymaluz. She has the Cuban rhythms in her blood and inevitably transmits her joy of life and movement to the audience not only with her powerful voice, but with her entire performance.

Powerful sounds

Whether you let yourself be carried away or just enjoy the Caribbean grooves acoustically: the Cuban sounds of Son de la Suiza will leave no one cold. For many years the salsa band has been inspiring both dance professionals and listeners who otherwise have little to do with Latin. The five musicians perform at company events, weddings, birthday parties and other festive occasions. At big dance parties they get the audience moving in no time. At smaller and quieter parties they enchant their guests with fine Bolero and Son numbers. In a very intimate setting, the band also plays as small information, if necessary also acoustically (i.e. only minimally amplified).

Captivating repertoire

Son de la Suiza has a large repertoire of sophisticated Salsa and Son numbers, occasionally peppered with Cha-Cha-Cha, Bolero and Cumbia. The band presents precisely played arrangements and brilliant solos. The program includes pieces from Buena Vista Social Club, Polo Montañez, Celia Cruz, Oscar D'León, Juanes, Afro-Cuban Jazz Project and others. Besides many hits, the band also plays less known Cuban songs.


Latin songs to listen to

El Carretero
Un Bolero
Veinte Anos

Costs [CHF]

Fully occupied (under 6 hours)
with little effort from 1'500.00  flat-rate
at greater expense from 2'000.00  flat-rate
with own music system plus 200.00  flat-rate
quartet, trio, duo
per musician from 300.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Arrival of the musicians
-   Concert of 90 to 120 minutes in 2 to 3 sets
-   Information material about the band (logo, press release, band photo, stage plan)

Not included

-   Setting up and clearing away the equipment (if provided by the band for a flat fee of CHF 200)

Optional extras

-   "Son de la Suiza" also likes to perform with dancers on request, which makes the concerts even livelier and more attractive.

Team composition

5 musicians (vocals, guitar, tres, bass, percussion), on request also as a smaller formation.

Size of audiance

20 to 400 people

Space requirements

Stage or open area, at least 5 x 3.5 m, protected from cold, moisture and wind.

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Stage with electricity and light, acoustically suitable concert hall (non-resounding) with dance floor. For large concert halls and open air: professional PA system incl. technician. If possible: cloakroom for changing.


German, spanisch

Customers' views on this offer

Diana Steinbrink


Es war ein so schönes Fest für uns, und Ihr habt es ermöglichst, dass die Menschen fröhlich, ausgelassen und viel Spass hatten.
Eure Musik ist fantastisch, und noch tausend Mal besser als was wir im Internet von Euch gehört haben. Sensationelle Musiker und eine wunderbare eindrückliche schöne Stimme.
Es war Toll. VIELEN VIELEN DANK!!!!!!!!

Wir werden Euch wärmstens überall weiter empfehlen.

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