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Jonas Straumann – Deaf slope player

Jonas Straumann – Deaf slope player
Jonas Straumann – Deaf slope player
Jonas Straumann – Deaf slope player
Let a musician who lives in silence guide you through the
world of sounds.

The instrument and its sounds

The slope was invented in 2000 by a woman and a man from Berne. "Hang" is Bernese German for "hand", because this is what the instrument is played with. Similar brass sound instruments are available today under the term "Handpan". The soft sound of the Hang is enchanting, and Jonas Straumann is a passionate hand pan player, despite or perhaps because of his deafness. He plays the instrument with great sensitivity and puts your guests in a different state of consciousness.

An exceptional musician

Jonas Straumann was born deaf. His love for music awakened very early, and he started to play various percussion instruments at a young age. He played drums for a long time, was a member of the steel band of his school and taught himself to play the guitar. Again and again he heard from those around him: "You can't do that, you're deaf." And so he stopped making music in 2013.

The discovery of the slope

When he discovered the slope in 2018, Jonas Straumann found his way back to his passion. Soon he began performing as a street musician and touched the hearts of passers-by with his music. Today the deaf handpan player captivates his audience at events of all kinds with a sparkling mixture of composition and improvisation.


Some samples

Upside Down

Costs [CHF]

Private events from 600.00  flat-rate
Company events from 900.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Fee and performance

Not included

-   Travel expenses
-   Catering and drinks
-   Possible overnight accommodation costs

Optional extras

Selectable combinations:
-   1 hand pan + 1 cajon
-   2 handcuffs
On company events:
-   Additional lecture on deafness and music

Size of audiance

5 to 10000 people

Space requirements

3 x 3 m

Suitable for

Weddings, private and corporate events of all kinds

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

For larger stages: sound system with two small diaphragm
microphones (stereo) and microphone stands


German, French, English, Gebärdensprache

Customers' views on this offer

Urs Woerz


Perfekter Abend mit speziell (schöner) Musik und spannender Unterhaltung.

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