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BLUEZBALLZ - blues for dancing

BLUEZBALLZ - blues for dancing
BLUEZBALLZ - blues for dancing
BLUEZBALLZ - blues for dancing
BLUEZBALLZ - blues for dancing
BLUEZBALLZ - blues for dancing
Three musicians play blues with passion and show that blues is good fun and encourages dancing.

Blues to dance to

Blues is considered melancholic music - "to have the blues" means, as is well known, to be sad (from the American: "to have the blues"). But when the BLUEZBALLZ play, there is no depressed mood. On the contrary!
Warm, fat and melodic blues at its best is the trademark of BLUEZBALLZ. The three professional musicians from the Bern region master the full range of blues, country, funk, ballads and rock and have long since justified their excellent reputation as an insider tip of the scene. They groove, blues, rock and spark full of joie de vivre and passion. When they get going, the party goes off. In their hearts, the three have remained the likeable guys from the neighbourhood, who many years ago rehearsed the beloved songs of B.B. King, Albert Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix or Johnny Winter in father's garage.

Unplugged program at its best!

Besides their melodic and powerful performances with electric guitars BLUEZBALLZ also play acoustically. With their unplugged program the three musicians interpret the blues with acoustic instruments with minimal amplification. This form of blues is extremely pure and melodious, goes straight to the heart and is guaranteed to give you goose bumps! Whoever listens to the BLUEZBALLZ as they perform the blues acoustically, feels transported to a bar in Texas or Chicago, where the greatest acoustic bluesmen thrill their audience with back-to-the-roots blues.
Numerous performances of BLUEZBALLZ in their acoustic formation in small, intimate and also private circles at birthdays, company parties, weddings, anniversaries and events of this kind have become a constant in the performances of the band.

The band and its history

The band has been touring at home and abroad since 2004, playing well over 700 concerts and producing five CDs to date. BLUEZBALLZ mainly plays their own compositions, but also songs of the great blues musicians who have shaped the blues with global charisma in the USA between Chicago and Texas. The three professional musicians have also played in formations like Roots66, Polo Hofer and other nationally known bands. Their interpretation of the song "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix was so well received in the USA at the time that this recording was given a place of honour in the Jimi Hendrix Museum in Indianapolis.

Blues examples

Playing On Me
Gangster Of Love
Leland Mississippi Blues
Mintes To Travel

Costs [CHF]

Fee 1'600.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Fee and performance
-   PA (music system up to max. 150 pers.)
-   Journey to 1 hour from Bern

Not included

-   Travel expenses from 1 hour from Bern
-   Catering and drinks for the musicians
-   Sound engineer and PA for large events
-   Possible overnight accommodation costs

Team composition

Jan "Buki" Bukacek: guitar, vocals
Thomas L.C. Alsace: bass
Peter "Hori" Horisberger.

Size of audiance

10 to 1000 people

Space requirements

4 x 5 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Socket (10 Amp. fused)



Customers' views on this offer

Michael Wittwer, 50er-Geburtstagsevent - Kick off B-Seite


Zu meinem 50. Geburtstag haben "Buki", "Hori" und Elsi" von den BLUEZBALLZ total begeistert! Die Jungs haben vor 35 Gästen das Naturfreundehaus Krienseregg mit einem Bluesfeuerwerk - unplugged - in Partystimmung versetzt. Habe nur positive Rückmeldungen der Gäste erhalten und es macht Lust auf mehr. Bin dabei am Jubiläumskonzert in der Mahogany Hall Bern.
BLUEZBALLZ sind wärmstens zu empfehlen!!
Dir sit "gueti Sieche"!

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