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Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer

Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
Clown Susi - versatile solo entertainer
With fine humour and clownish charm, Clown Susi puts the comedy of everyday life in the spotlight and makes your guests laugh.

Laughter connects

Whether company dinners or wedding celebrations, whether anniversary events or symposia: Clown Susi provides a humorous break at your event. Improvisation is the great strength of the solo entertainer. Thanks to her many years of experience in performing at home and abroad, Clown Susi knows how to react to what is happening on location within a few moments and to integrate the audience sensitively into the programme. Laughing together creates closeness and makes your event a success.

Susi, Marta and Resi at your event

With her great sensitivity and her talent to put her foot in her mouth, clown Susi conquers the hearts of the audience in no time. She also plays various instruments, sings songs ranging from modern to folksy and conjures up a clown. But Clown Susi is only one of three characters with whom you can entertain your guests. There is also Martha, the somewhat complicated, but also very likeable Bernese lady, whose favourite colour is pink. And there is Resi, the Bavarian: She is "a bisserl krachert" and very persistent, she can hardly keep secrets for herself and plays the singing saw par excellence. All three characters are communicative and can make good contacts, but they are also all clumsy, which of course makes them laugh. You have the choice of having one, two or all three characters perform at your event.

The experienced solo entertainer

Susanne Keller alias clown Susi, Martha and Resi has been performing at events of all kinds for over thirty years. Among other things, she has performed in Munich at Circus Krone, the largest circus in Europe, appeared in the Papa Minor cinema film, toured Russia with the world-famous Dr. H. Patch Adams and has been on stage with many other prominent artists. The experienced solo entertainer is happy to cater to your wishes and adapt her performance to the theme and guests of your event.


Costs [CHF]

Private events
Enter from 1'000.00  flat-rate
Company events
Enter from 1'500.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Preliminary discussion by telephone
-   Performance according to booking

Not included

-   Further meetings
-   Travel expenses
-   Catering and drinks of the artist
-   Possible overnight accommodation costs

Optional extras

-   The special humour lecture
-   Clown workshop for companies on the subject of "Humour as a bridge at work and in everyday life

Team composition

Susanne Keller as solo entertainer in various roles (Clown Susi, Bernese Martha, Bavarian Resi)

Size of audiance

10 to 2000 people

Space requirements

Performance is possible everywhere, space requirement on stages: at least 2 x 2 meters

Suitable for

Events of all kinds, staff evenings, customer events, conferences, congresses, trade fairs, anniversaries, weddings and other celebrations

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Cloakroom/preparation room, car park and, depending on the size of the event: headset (with on-site technology) and light


German, English

Customers' views on this offer

Gerhard Warmbrodt, 70. Geburstag


Der Clown-Susi Auftritt wae ein voller Erfolg!
Immer wieder gerne!

Jürg Brenzikofer, Wohnheim Acherli


Am Jahresabschlussabend in unserem Wohnheim für Menschen mit Behinderung hatte Clown Susi bei unseren Bewohnenden mit geistiger Behinderung mit Ihrem Programm grossen Erfolg. Herzlichen Dank!

Leo Hugentobler, Leo Hugentobler Niederuzwil


Ich hatte einen unvergesslichen Abend zu meinem 70.Geburtstag
mit Clown Susi und Tante Martha.
Wir, meine Gäste und ich wurden an diesem Abend sehr gut unterhalten.
Tante Martha verblüfte mit Ihren Kenntnissen der Namen von den anwesenden Gästen. Clown Susi begeisterte mit einem Tänzchen.
Und am Schluss verabschiedete sich Susi mit einigen Liedern. Susi hat eine wunderschöne Stimme, sie begeisterte meine Gäste den ganzen Abend bis zum Schluss.

Steve Fleischmann, Cloun Susi


Ein abwechslungsreiches Programm hat uns durch den Abend geführt. Es hat sich gelohnt Clown Susi blind zu vertrauen. Vielen Dank für den tollen Abend!

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