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Wizard Rasmus - the table wizard

Wizard Rasmus - the table wizard
Wizard Rasmus - the table wizard
Wizard Rasmus - the table wizard
Wizard Rasmus - the table wizard
Wizard Rasmus - the table wizard
Wizard Rasmus - the table wizard
Wizard Rasmus - the table wizard
Wizard Rasmus - the table wizard
Wizard Rasmus - the table wizard
During the aperitif or on stage, the experienced magician will amaze your guests with spoons, coins, playing cards and many other enchanted objects.

Magic up close at the aperitif

"How does he do that?" When magician Rasmus goes from table to table during the aperitif and demonstrates his art, your guests will be amazed. Metal seems to literally melt in his hands. Spoons, forks, coins and nails bend before the astonished eyes of the audience as if they were made of rubber. Playing cards move as if by magic, and when the magician begins to read minds, the surprise is complete. The experienced magician knows how to involve your guests in the magical action with charm and humor. The audience can keep the bent objects as a small souvenir.

Salon magic, the big stage show

If you are planning a larger event or want to offer your guests another magical highlight after the aperitif magic, the stage show is just the thing. Magician Rasmus offers a professional program in which he performs his most amazing tricks and feats. In turn, the audience is charmingly involved in the mysterious goings-on. The magician performs on stage with a microphone, but some magic acts can also be performed silently, accompanied only by music.

The magician

At the age of 11, Rasmus was gripped by magic fever. He began to devote every free minute to his new hobby. His first performance as magician "Magic Tom" - was a complete success at the age of 14! Today, Rasmus is a professional magician, magic teacher and mentalist. He works, for example, for the British TV magician Dynamo ("Magician Impossible") and is known worldwide as an inventor of mental magic and magic. He entertains your audience from the very first minute and knows perfectly how to involve the audience in his show. Magical moments are guaranteed with magician Rasmus!


Costs [CHF]

Private events from 1'200.00  flat-rate
Corporate events from 1'500.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Assembly and dismantling
-   Travel expenses up to 100 km
-   Performance and fee
-   Preliminary discussion or consultation by telephone

Not included

-   Catering for the artist
-   Possible overnight stay (if necessary)
-   Combination of offers

Team composition

1 magician

Size of audiance

5 to 800 people

Suitable for

Corporate events, customer events, aperitifs, gala dinners, trade fairs, club events, children's birthday parties and private events of all kinds, weddings, etc.

Area of application

All of Switzerland, Europe, also possible outside Europe


German, French, English, Italian

Customers' views on this offer

Hans Peter Felder, Geburtstagsbrunch


Zauberer Rasmus hat jung und alt mit seinen Künsten begeistert. Es war auch toll wie er auf die Leute zu ging und sich präsentierte.
Ich kann Rasmus ohne Einschränkungen weiterempfehlen. Er trug wesentlich zu einem herrlichen Sonntags- bzw. Geburtstagsbrunch bei.

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