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Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler

Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Theatre sport show Härdöpfeler
Full of joy of playing, three actors play poker with cheeky characters, fine tones, cheeky comedy and touching musical interludes for the favour of the audience.

Creative, spontaneous and unique

Theatre sport is theatre for the moment.
At the Härdöpfeler 3 players improvise in a competition. They challenge each other according to the ideas and themes of the audience. After each scene the audience decides who has convinced them the most. But the points are not only distributed by good play and sympathy, but also by correctly predicting the ranking.

We are also happy to take themes from your event or company as a starting point for our scenes. In this way, you will relive the most impressive events of the past year and look at situations from everyday working life from a completely new perspective. For the first time, we put their visions of the future into practice or give a song to an important person as a farewell gift!

Our musician also improvises: He accompanies the performed scenes and accompanies the songs of the actors live.

The stories emerge before the eyes of the audience, each evening is new, unrepeatable and unique.
Who can best take the pulse of the audience with charm and mischief? A fast-paced theater poker, where the hall crackles and the magic of the moment unfolds.

The TAP - Theater on the pulse

For over 17 years TAP has been inspiring a large audience. The people of Berne unfold their joy of playing in their proven poker format "Härdöpfeler", regular theatre sports matches with national or international guests or their children - improv show "SchnuderGäng".
The new Bernese improv crime thriller "Tap in the Dark" caused a sensation last winter and cast a spell over even those who don't like crime thrillers.
The ensemble consists of Kathrin Fischer Niklaus, Thomas Laube, Roland Peter, Manuel Rytz, Markus Schrag, Carlo Segginger, Brigitte Woodtli and Debo Wyss as well as the musicians Jakob Hampel and Benjamin Külling.


Depending on the game team, French, English or Spanish can be interwoven in addition to the basic German language.

Costs [CHF]

Härdöpfeler ab 2'600.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance tailored to your event with 3 actors and a musician
-   Short access routes

Not included

-   Travel expenses and catering
-   Hire of technical equipment (if necessary)

Optional extras

-   Show for 2 " Têteàtête", a date with the most popular improgames
-   Theatre sport matches with two teams and referee
-   Theme show
-   Two - or multilingual performances

Team composition

3 actors and 1 musician

Size of audiance

20 to 500 people

Space requirements

Raised stage or minimum performance area of 2x3m, preferably with neutral background (e.g. wall, screen)
- highly visible area
- Cloakroom or retreat

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Dimmable hall light, stage spotlights or lighting that can be switched on and off
(a simple set can be provided by the TAP). From about 80 people: Amplifier system and headsets, depending on the situation on site.


German, Mundart

Customers' views on this offer

Silvana Naef, Krebsliga Schweiz


Die Lacher sind mit TAP und ihrer Show «Härdöpfeler» gesichert. Unsere Organisation kam voll auf ihre Kosten, bei all den Ausdrücken, die wir einbringen konnten.

Marco Panella, BPR Werbeagentur AG


Das Improtheater Tap war für die Einweihung unserer neuen Büroräumlichkeiten die Idealbesetzung. Wir waren von ihrem Engagement und der Spontanität begeistert und erhielten von unseren Gästen durchwegs positives Feedback. Wir empfehlen Tap sehr gerne weiter.

Philippe Schenk, Vaudoise Versicherungen


Ein voller Erfolg! Tolle Show und sehr sympathische Künstler. Es wurde viel gelacht und wir haben positive Rückmeldungen erhalten. Wir können die Gruppe ohne Vorbehalte weiterempfehlen.

Susanne Zbinden, Axpo Informatik AG


Das Improtheater Tap war ein voller Erfolg. Wir haben viel gelacht und ich habe sehr viel positives Feedback von unseren Mitarbeitenden erhalten. Ich kann sie nur weiterempfehlen.

Barbara Schorro Schneuwly, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics


Das Improtheater war super. Die Gruppe ist super angekommen und es sind sehr sympathische Leute. Bei unseren Kunden haben wir grosses Lob geerntet. Ich kann sie also sehr gut weiterempfehlen.

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