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Juggler Criselly

Juggler Criselly
Juggler Criselly
Juggler Criselly
Juggler Criselly
Juggler Criselly
Juggler Criselly
Juggler Criselly
Juggler Criselly
Criselly's juggling acts include playful winking and lots of show.

Chicago style juggling

New in Criselly's repertoire is the atmospheric power juggling in Chicago style. Wrapped up in a breathtaking choreography, the artist presents a series of virtuoso juggling tricks to rousing music. Microphones, balls and rings whirl through the air as if gravity had been suspended.

The fan performance

Fans fly through the air and create new, flowing images. Spanish or baroque sounds complete the juggling, which constantly creates new aesthetic fantasy images.

Crisellys Comedy Juggling

Criselly makes microphones fly, rings spin and disco balls circle. When the artist enters the stage, he conquers the hearts of the audience in no time with his brilliant show of glitter and glamour peppered with charm.

Whatever Criselly shows, it is a weightless, light dream world, which he presents with the highest professionalism. With virtuoso agility he draws geometric shapes and trajectories in rapid succession in the air.

Costs [CHF]

from 1'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Approach of the artist (up to 100 km)
-   Catering of the artist

Not included

-   possible overnight stay of the juggler

Size of audiance

20 to 5000 people

Space requirements

Room size min. 2 x 3 x 3 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Light and music system



Customers' views on this offer

Armin Stocker, Eventure GmbH


Criselly war super! Er war sehr pünktlich und hat sich nahtlos in den gesamten Event eingefügt. Die Kunden haben uns ein sehr gutes Feedback über den von Criselly betreuten Posten hinterlegt. Es gab eine Datums-Verwirrung, der Event war schon am 19. August 2011. Criselly hat das spontan gemanaged, dafür waren wir sehr dankbar.

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