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Flea circus and table magic

Flea circus and table magic
Flea circus and table magic
Flea circus and table magic
Flea circus and table magic
Flea circus and table magic
Flea circus and table magic
Get to know the smallest circus in the world with Hanibal, the trained flea.

The imaginary flea

The stage of the flea circus is a vendor's tray - a fold-out box. It contains the house and props of Hanibal, the trained flea. Hanibal is not visible, even with a magnifying glass. Hanibal the flea's existence is imaginary and is nourished by his trainer's wealth of ideas. All that can be seen is what the imaginary flea does in its environment.

Hanibal, the star

During the program, magician Baradox comments on Hanibal's tricks and talks about the little parasite's life, his girlfriends and his idiosyncrasies. Hanibal is vain and likes to show off - he's a star. He is particularly proud of his intelligence: he manages to find the card he is looking for in a deck of cards - an ability he has over his real-life counterparts.

Balloon figures

Baradox also knows his way around balloon sculptures. Various figures are created in no time at all, which will delight the children at your event in particular.

Costs [CHF]

Flea circus, table and stage magic
incl. balloon figures from 800.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   fee
-   Humorous entertainment

Not included

-   Travel expenses of the artist
-   Meals and any accommodation costs

Team composition

1 Artist

Size of audiance

10 to 500 people

Area of application

All of Switzerland



Customers' views on this offer

Daniel Meuli, Curling Center St.Gallen


Sympathische und gelungenen Vorstellungen von Werner mit Floh Hannibal! Unser Event wurde so um eine Attraktion bereichert. Alles Tipp Topp! Vielen Dank!

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