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Beans on holiday

Beans on holiday
Beans on holiday
Beans on holiday
Beans on holiday
Beans on Holiday combines handmade music with comedic elements and mixes it into a funny, weird and colourful show.

Biography of the quartet

Bohnen im Urlaub was founded in 1993 as an unplugged cover band. Since their early days they are not a normal music group. With their musical theatre respectively theatrical music the four artists offer funny and weird entertainment.

The singer Pruno is the centre of attention. He is a fantastic entertainer, bubbling with wit and spontaneity. At his side are the quirky Toktor on piano and the stressed stage manager Duke on guitar. In the middle, the stoic hobby golfer Maxman acts as percussionist.

Music style

The choice of music is precisely matched to the characters Pruno, Toktor, Duke and Maxman. The quartet plays old and new hits from pop and rock history and packs them into airy acoustic arrangements. The songs are celebrated with love and polyphonic choirs.

Jack Boulder "Pruno" - vocals
Jeannot Steck "Toktor" - piano, vocals
Michael interpreter "Duke" - guitar, vocals
Max Müller "Maxman" - drums, vocals

Songs from the beans

Kiosk - Berner Bohnen mit Speck
La Vida Loca - Feurige Bonitas
SOS / Mamma Mia - Russische Schwede...
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Costs [CHF]

from 3'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Public address system depending on complexity
-   Travel expenses from 2 hours from Zurich
-   Possible overnight stay for late performances

Team composition

4 vocals, piano, guitar, drums

Size of audiance

10 to 500 people

Space requirements

4 x 4 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Power connection



Customers' views on this offer

Rolf Meister, Geburtstagsfest


Der Event war super. Die Band spielte genial wie immer.

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