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Tuningforks - A cappella

Tuningforks - A cappella
Tuningforks - A cappella
Tuningforks - A cappella
Tuningforks - A cappella
Tuningforks - A cappella
Tuningforks - A cappella
Seven strong male voices sing well-known hits from rock to pop to hip-hop, supported only by a tuning fork.

How it all began

One day, seven young men renounced conventionality and started singing together. No instrument accompanies the singers, only a tuning fork, from which the band got its name, provides the right starting tone. Tuningforks has removed all rules, clichés and prejudices to make room for their own musical visions. At the centre of their work is the return to their very own groove, which has always driven people to move, dance and sing.

Groovy repertoire

With hits from the pop, rock, R'n'B and hip-hop genres, the seven men sing their way into the hearts of the audience. For Tuningforks it doesn't matter whether a cover version or an original composition is sung. Only the independence of the interpretation counts - and that is definitely given with this band.

Enthusiastic audience

Vocally produced rich beats and hot bass runs set the rhythm, over which the vocals from strong throats harmoniously lie. The result is incredibly powerful, passionate music that leaves no one untouched and is guaranteed to sweep your guests off their seats.

Songs to listen to

Another Day goes By

Costs [CHF]

Depending on the duration of the performance
up till 3'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Facility for up to 300 people
-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Travel costs
-   Catering

Team composition

7 singers
1 technician

Size of audiance

10 to 5000 people

Area of application

All of Switzerland



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