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Magrée Hautnah - Table magic

Magrée Hautnah - Table magic
Magrée Hautnah - Table magic
Magrée Hautnah - Table magic
Magrée Hautnah - Table magic
Magrée Hautnah - Table magic
Magrée Hautnah - Table magic
Experience magic at the highest level, right before your eyes and still unbelievable.

Entertainment at the highest level

Let us take you into the world of magic. Right before your eyes the almost impossible happens.

You'll be offered everything: From innumerable card tricks to the lost 100 franc note that comes to light again. Or: the watch of a spectator is destroyed. Fortunately, it reappears after only a short time, intact and beautifully packaged.

A camera films the tricks performed and projects them onto a screen. This gives the guests the opportunity to follow every trick very closely. Nevertheless, in the end many riddles remain unsolved.

By involving the audience, the show runs very close. The unbelievable becomes possible.

The artist

Magrée, alias Marcel Grether, is a special phenomenon in the world of magic. As a magical entertainer he has also gained international fame. His skills, his versatility and his flexibility are captivating. Magrée is an entertainer and technician at the same time. With his boundless visions, he has already shown his "magical world" to a multitude of people and inspired them with enthusiasm.


Costs [CHF]

Table magic
Presence time max. 2 h 2'500.00  flat-rate
max. 3 h 3'000.00  flat-rate
stage show
about 45 minutes. 4'500.00  flat-rate
stage show & table magic
approx. 1 3/4 h 4'900.00  flat-rate
Full evening theater performance
approx. 2 h 5'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Magic performance
-   All material
-   Personnel required for the show
-   Travel expenses up to 1 h from Basel

Not included

-   Overnight stay for journeys of more than 2 hours
-   Catering for the artist and staff on site

Team composition

1 magician

Size of audiance

10 to 500 people

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

No technology is required.


German, English

Customers' views on this offer

Eric Luternauer, ETAVIS Kriegel+Schaffner AG


Mit der Darbietung von Magrée waren wir voll umfänglich zufrieden.
Er lies uns für eine Zeit die Alltagshektik vergessen. Auch wenn der eine oder andere Anwesende anschliessend ab den Zaubereien «verstört» war.
Magrée können wir 100% weiter empfehlen.

Evelin Stohler, Personal Contact Group AG


Unsere Jubiläumsfeier vom 11. September 2009 war ein Erfolg.
Magrée hat seinen Teil dazu beigesteuert. Ich habe nur Positives gehört.

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