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Three women face the existential questions of life with piano, clarinet, double bass and singing.

"Criminal" - musical measure for convicts and the innocent

The trio behind bars! Triturated by the cabaret, the musicians broke up in a fight. But in search of a more glamorous life they all slipped on the wrong track. Now they find themselves in the same cell. Fate could not have devised a more cruel punishment! For the program "siJamais: criminal" the trio uses numerous literary, cinematic and musical models. "Chicago," "Down by Law," and "Orange is the New Black," As usual, the three artists skillfully bring together different musical styles: Own and foreign, chansons and hits, klezmer and pop, catchy tunes and rediscoveries, originally arranged. A lustful interplay between touching humour and winking melodrama.

Incognito - three women go underground

Freedom's a dangerous fucking place. That's what the three women of siJamais realized after their prison break. The police on their necks they separate and go into hiding. Scattered around the globe, each of them escapes to a new identity. When their covers are about to be blown, the global network gives them a surprising loophole... As in "Criminal", siJamais juggle with different musical styles:
Catchy tunes are rewritten, hits are arranged in unusual ways. Chanson and pop as well as reggae and klezmer are part of it - and even a trashy musical dance interlude! With clarinet, piano and double bass and their sonorous voices, the three professional musicians give the evening its unmistakable touch.

Music humor for all situations

The Bernese music comedy trio offers two programmes: "criminal" and "incognito". Both shows can also be booked as short versions. In "incognito" the story
after the prison break. However, both programs can also be enjoyed on their own. The siJamais ensemble has been performing on Swiss theatre stages since 2003. Longtime fans are familiar with the earlier programmes "fatal normal" (2014), "Hauptsache dabei" (2011), "Frauen sind keine Engel" (2008), "Raccolta" (2008) or "Rouge" (2006). With its new programme "kriminell", the music cabaret from Bern once again enchants a wide audience.


Costs [CHF]

Depending on the length of the performance and number of people
from 2'500.00  flat-rate
Discount for cultural institutions

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Catering for the artists
-   Travel expenses
-   Possible overnight accommodation costs
-   Possible technician costs

Team composition

Mia Schultz: clarinet, vocals
Simone Schranz: double bass, vocals
Jacqueline Bernard: piano, singing

Size of audiance

10 to 500 people

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

siJamais plays semi-acoustically (with a small system) for small events, while for larger rooms and numbers of people siJamais plays with a technician and a large system.



Customers' views on this offer

Katharina Staub, Worldline Schweiz AG


Es war der HAMMER! Die 3 Ladies sind Vollprofis, Vollblutmusikerinnen, zum wegschreien witzig und pointiert.

Zudem ist die Zusammenarbeit äusserst unkompliziert und sehr herzlich.

Wir können SiJamais wärmstens weiterempfehlen.

Verena Hert, Private Geburtstagsfeier


Sympathisch und humorvoll, professioneller Auftritt, gesanglich und instrumental top, perfekte Performence, positive Rückmeldungen der Gästeschar.

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