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DIE ZWILLINGE - Comedy in a double pack

DIE ZWILLINGE - Comedy in a double pack
DIE ZWILLINGE - Comedy in a double pack
DIE ZWILLINGE - Comedy in a double pack
DIE ZWILLINGE - Comedy in a double pack
DIE ZWILLINGE - Comedy in a double pack
DIE ZWILLINGE - Comedy in a double pack
DIE ZWILLINGE - Comedy in a double pack
DIE ZWILLINGE - Comedy in a double pack
Book the only award-winning identical comedy duo in Switzerland, if not the world, for your event! As stand-up comedy, funny presenters, comical waiters or full-length show.

One egg fun in a double pack

DIE ZWILLINGE are two comedians according to the motto "same same, but different"! They offer their own full-length stage program of twice 50 minutes, which you can book for your event. The award-winning comedy duo also moderates in an entertaining way or serves your guests as comical waiters. DIE ZWILLINGE captivate the audience with funny-absurd dialogues and sketches, cheeky sayings, word-acrobatic gimmicks as well as hilarious characters. Their humor is direct and sometimes black as night.

Show made to measure for your guests

The two comedians respond individually to your audience and are happy to weave topics and content requested by you into their program. Are there funny internal details and stories in your company that are known to all employees? Are certain people allowed to be made fun of in a charming way? DIE ZWILLINGE will transform your information into witty dialogues and incorporate your information into sketches.

Costs [CHF]

Standard comedy program
20 min. from 2'500.00  flat-rate
Comedy program made to measure
30 min. from 3'500.00  flat-rate
Evening (funny) moderation
Fee from 4'900.00  flat-rate
Full evening comedy show "Copy Paste
Excl. technology from 6'900.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Preliminary telephone meeting
-   Program according to booking
-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   On-site visit (if necessary)
-   Technical infrastructure (if necessary)
-   Travel expenses
-   Food and drinks
-   Any overnight expenses

Optional extras

-   Funny waitressing
-   Stand-up comedy
-   Evening comedy show
-   Moderation

Team composition

Roland Portmann & Matthias Portmann

Size of audiance

50 to 15000 people

Space requirements

For simple stand-up and short performances: min. 2 x 3 meters, for longer performances and full-length show: larger stage with side aisles

Suitable for

Corporate events, events with demand for individual comedy content, occasions incl. moderation, general meetings, large events, advertising shoots and TV productions

Not suitable for

Small birthday parties, weddings, children's events and all other private events that do not have a certain size and infrastructure

Area of application

Whole German-speaking Switzerland, Germany and Austria on request

Required infrastructure




Customers' views on this offer

Andrea Manser, Manser Group AG


Die Zwillinge: doppelte Wucht an Humor!
Super gut vorbereitet und gekonnt durch den Abend moderiert.
Zwillingsauftritt: witzig, lustig, cool, interessant, spontan und gezielt, mit vielen Überraschungen.
Publikum mit einbezogen. Stimmung im Saal war TOP!
Absolut weiter zu empfehlen!

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