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Duo Luna-tic

Duo Luna-tic
Duo Luna-tic
Duo Luna-tic
Duo Luna-tic
Duo Luna-tic
Duo Luna-tic
Duo Luna-tic
Duo Luna-tic
Duo Luna-tic
Duo Luna-tic
Duo Luna-tic
Four hands, two voices, one piano - a chanson cabaret about the to and fro of love.

Miss Olli and Miss Claire

The charming Olli welcomes her audience with a tender "bienvenue". Shortly afterwards, a dark voice bursts out between the piano sounds: "Ick jrüsse Sie och, jross und kleen von janz Berlin, schön, dett se da sind. So!" Coochie chicos one, elegant the other: Claire from Berlin and Olli from Paris sing and play a contrasting chanson cabaret together.

Flying change on the piano

Judith Bach alias Frau Claire from Berlin and Stéfanie Lang as Mademoiselle Olli from Paris, - two women who resemble each other like pear and apple. At the same time or in flying changes of piano and voice: long forgotten chansons become their own and get a new liveliness. An ambience of twenties cabaret from pianissimo to fortissimo on, at, in or around the rolling piano.

Linguistic diversity

This theatrical recital is full of surprises: The two ladies accompany themselves and each other, dance with and around the piano and speak or sing in four different languages. So Olli and Claire can easily be performed in Italy, France, Germany or Great Britain. Because the themes are the same in each language area.

The artists

Stéfanie Lang comes from Geneva, studied piano and classical singing at the Geneva Conservatory and graduated from the "Scuola Teatro Dimitri" in 2006. Judith Bach, born in Berlin, graduated from high school in Cape Town, later worked as a bar pianist on sardines and also completed the Dimitri School in 2006. Since then, Lang and Bach have performed successfully throughout Switzerland and in neighbouring countries as the "Duo Luna-tic".



Ausschnitt 1
Ausschnitt 2
Ausschnitt 3

Costs [CHF]

depending on the length of the performance
from 3'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Catering and drinks for the artists
-   Travel expenses
-   Possible overnight accommodation costs
-   Technician

Team composition

Judith Bach (as Claire)
Stéfanie Lang (as Olli)

Size of audiance

10 to 500 people

Space requirements

2 x 3 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

upright, grand or good electronic piano


German, French, English

Customers' views on this offer

Ursula Gerber, Gastroconsult AG


Das Duo Luna-tic war schlicht und einfach SPITZE!
Sie haben die Herzen der Teilnehmenden im Sturm
erobert. Wir alle haben uns köstlich amusiert.

Mireille Moser


Duo Luna-tic war das Überraschungsgeschenk an meinen Mann zu seinem 50. Geburtstag.
Es war ganz einfach genial! Die beiden jungen Damen sind absolut charmant und überaus talentiert. Sie haben mit ihrer brillanten Darbietung als Mademoiselle Olli und Fräulein Claire alle Gäste begeistert.
Herzlichen Dank an beide, ich kann das Duo Luna-tic nur weiter empfehlen.

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