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Art en Air - Air acrobatics

Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Art en Air - Air acrobatics
Breathtaking aerial artistry on vertical cloth, trapeze, net or ring cloth, where artistry and dance merge into one another.

The aerial acrobatics show

"Art en Air" inspires with rousing air acrobatics. Whether to mystical music, classical, pop, rock or a racy tango, the versatile artists offer a suitable show for every wish.

The acts can be presented as solo, duo, synchronous or as complete show blocks.

Solo: Roswitha enchants the audience with elegant, supple figures, sensual dance elements and with rapid falls. There is always a crackling in the air. The solo programme can also be performed synchronously with several female artists.

Duo: A dance of two women on a red scarf high in the air, combining passion and sensuality with perfect artistry. The two women float, twist and wrap themselves in this poetic performance in a wonderful way in the cloth.

Other program items such as a speech by the managing director or a handing over of the keys are gladly integrated into the existing show concept.

The Artist

Roswitha started ballet as a little girl and gained her first experience in acrobatics on the ground and in the air (on the trapeze) as a child in the children's circus Robinson.
Afterwards she competed in apparatus gymnastics and took part in numerous shows. Later she completed a three-year study of dance and choreography for modern stage dance at the ZTTS in Zurich. During and after her dance studies she continued her education in numerous workshops with national and international teachers in dance, choreography and artistry. She also worked as a stage at the Ecole de cirque Zôfy in Sion and at the renowned circus school "the Toronto School of Circus Arts".


Costs [CHF]

Depending on location and scope
an artist from 1'200.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Rehearsals and performance
-   On-site assembly and dismantling
-   Travel costs up to 150 km

Not included

-   Catering and possible overnight stay
-   Travel costs from 150 km

Optional extras

-   Other artists
-   Own amplifier with battery
-   Headlights
-   Fire show and duo acrobatics

Team composition

one to seven artists

Size of audiance

10 to 10000 people

Space requirements

At least 3x3 meters, for cloth suspension point at least 4.5 meters high, for trapeze 2 suspension points at least 4 meters high, for net/ring 1 suspension point at least 3.5 meters high.

Suitable for

Gala, company celebration, private event, fair, festival, variety show, opening, shopping centre, etc.

Area of application

All of Switzerland and worldwide

Required infrastructure

- Suspension point: steel girder, beam, scaffold, crane etc. with min. 500 kg load capacity with good access (ladder, lift etc.)
- Clean floor tread surface
- Music system for CD or MP3
- Light/ illumination if necessary
- Coat rack/room protected from view


German, French, English, Italian, nonverbal

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