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Comedy show for children

Comedy show for children
Comedy show for children
Comedy show for children
Comedy show for children
Comedy show for children
Comedy show for children
Johnny and his friend, the tomcat Minousch, take the young and old on their journey to the sea of stars.

Johnny and Minousch in space

With exciting stories and funny songs Johnny and tomcat Minousch bring life to the stage and carry the young audience away. On the journey to the sea of stars, the cow Lovely is visited and a short stop is made at the Broccoli and the Shockopoppolino. Finally Johnny and Minousch float through space like butterflies.

Turbulent journey through the time vortex

The second part of the journey is definitely turbulent. Because in order to get into the future, the little spectators have to cross the time vortex with a lot of noise. In the future Blinki and cool Harry with his crazy yo-yo are waiting. Finally, the children help a bank director to catch the runaway Sumsi again and learn to sing along to the lyrics of the Sumsi rock song.

Comedy, show and music

Johnny Pulfer, the well-known tram driver from Bern, and Urs Antenen in the role of the clumsy tomcat Minousch offer a lively comedy show that involves the children from the very beginning. A lot of music accompanies the imaginative stories, creates a relaxed atmosphere and turns the stage play into a real party at the end.

Costs [CHF]

from 1'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee
-   Travel expenses
-   Infrastructure

Team composition

Johnny Pulfer and Urs Antenen

Size of audiance

10 to 400 people

Space requirements

At least 4 x 3 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Hall with stage or e.g. temporary with tent for open-air events. Kopfmik for two persons if available. The artists can also bring along the entire infrastructure.



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