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Mättu & Schnuder Buebe

Mättu & Schnuder Buebe
Mättu & Schnuder Buebe
Mättu & Schnuder Buebe
Mättu & Schnuder Buebe
Mättu & Schnuder Buebe
Mättu & Schnuder Buebe
"Mättu & Schnuder Buebe" is the cheeky rock'n'roll children's song project from Lucerne that gets young and old dancing and everyone excited.

Rocky Songs for young and old

"Mättu & Schnuder Buebe" is a cheeky rock'n'roll children's song project from Lucerne. In their luggage is the current album "Dräcksöili". These are songs full of wit and surprise, songs from children's and parents' lives and survival. Although the serious pedagogy has fallen by the wayside, the songs rock all the more live.

Musical fireworks at your party

Live, there are fireworks when Mänu Jordi electrifies his guitar, Cyril Zumstegs breaks the sound barrier on sax and Hammond, Marco Zimmermann ignites his drums and Mättu Nyfeler knows how to entertain with wit, charm, bass and vocals. No child can remain seated and young and old are made to dance.

A band for every occasion

"Mättu & Schnuder Buebe" inspire people of all ages at street festivals, music festivals, company anniversaries, trade exhibitions but also at the lido or in the children's club. The lyrics are written with the children, but the music is big and draws from the depths of the 60s and 70s. Soul, rock, reggae, samba, jazz and pop and please both the adult music lover and the children.

Some samples

Singendi Pflume

Costs [CHF]

Gage 2'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Travel expenses
-   PA (public address system)
-   Catering for the artists
-   Possible overnight accommodation costs

Optional extras

-   PA and sound engineer

Team composition

Matthias Nyfeler: bass, vocals
Manuel Jordi: Guitar
Domi Meyer: Percussion
Cyril Zumsteg: Sax, Hammond organ

Size of audiance

50 to 1000 people

Space requirements

Stage min. 4 x 3 m

Suitable for

Company party, street party, neighbourhood party, children's party, children's concert, entertainment evening, family-friendly events, business exhibition, summer party

Not suitable for

Small rooms, devotional atmosphere

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

PA, power connection, table, weatherproof stage area



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