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Chapel Hanspeter Ulrich

Chapel Hanspeter Ulrich
Chapel Hanspeter Ulrich
Chapel Hanspeter Ulrich
Chapel Hanspeter Ulrich
Chapel Hanspeter Ulrich
Chapel Hanspeter Ulrich
Chapel Hanspeter Ulrich
The experienced Schwyzerörgel player Hanspeter Ulrich and his musicians will enrich your party with virtuoso Ländler music.

Sophisticated country music

Together with his fellow musicians, Hanspeter Ulrich plays round Ländler dances, swinging foxes, fast Scottish dances, harmonious marches, melodious waltzes and everything else that makes up varied and cultivated Ländler music. The formation is variable: depending on your occasion and your wishes, the Schwyzerörgeler can be accompanied by a wind player, an accordionist, a piano player and/or a bassist. His band is suitable wherever virtuoso folk music played in concert form is appreciated.

The bandleader and his formations

Bandleader Hanspeter Ulrich has been an active folk musician for over 40 years, both solo and in various formations. His formations are among the most popular Swiss bands. In addition to his countless performances at home and abroad as well as on radio and television, he has also produced several albums. Hanspeter Ulrich works full-time as a musician and music teacher. His heart beats not only for Swiss folk music, but also for old jazz (with the formation "Alpenjazz") as well as Irish folk and klezmer.


Some samples


Costs [CHF]

Live performance
Per musician and hour 100.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Food and drinks
-   Travel expenses
-   Any accommodation costs

Team composition

Schwyzerörgeli, supplemented with wind instrument, accordion, piano, bass depending on the occasion

Size of audiance

2 to 1000 people

Space requirements

3 x 3 m

Suitable for

Concerts, weddings, birthday parties, vernissages, corporate events, customer events, trade fairs, background music

Not suitable for

Performances in marquees, pop music events, dance events

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

One chair without armrests per musician, electricity for the electric piano brought along


German, English

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