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Ssassa - oriental music with dance

Ssassa - oriental music with dance
Ssassa - oriental music with dance
Ssassa - oriental music with dance
Ssassa - oriental music with dance
Ssassa - oriental music with dance
Ssassa - oriental music with dance
Ssassa offer an unforgettable oriental music and dance show.

Musical repertoire

The almost inexhaustible repertoire of Ssassa includes intoxicating gypsy music from Turkey, parts of former Yugoslavia, Greece and Arab countries. The fiery music clearly expresses the direct connection to these cultures, which the group has acquired on many journeys in Europe and Turkey. The connoisseur won't miss the fact that the five musicians not only deal with old, traditional music, but are also fully familiar with modern music.

Oriental music with show

The synthesis of virtuosic, traditional music from the Orient and Western European culture leads with Ssassa to a musical intercultural firework, carried by saxophone, clarinet, singing, percussion and oud.
Not only acoustically but also visually, the group takes the audience into the fantastic world of the oriental gypsies: When the Iraqi dancer Assale Ibrahim enters the stage, there is no stopping her. Her dance reflects every rhythmic subtlety of the percussion solo. In the clarinet solo the dancer even seems to be carried on wings...


In addition to evening concerts, Ssassa regularly performs in schools, where the group offers students of all levels an intercultural participation program: "Schnabelwetzer, seven songs in seven languages". Ssassa can look back on over 1700 performances at home and abroad. These include private functions, gala events, major events such as the Gypsy Festival in the sold-out KKL Lucerne and Kongresshaus Zurich as well as a live TV appearance on Kuwait TV.

Oriental music by Ssassa

Rohi Ya Oran
Mesecina Ikhali

Costs [CHF]

Three musicians 2'000.00  flat-rate
Four musicians 2'600.00  flat-rate
Five musicians 3'200.00  flat-rate
Per dancer 600.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee
-   Journey to 200 km from Zurich
-   Small amplification system up to 80 persons

Not included

-   Catering
-   Accommodation, if further than 300 km from Zurich

Team composition

From trio formation to ten musicians and dancers

Size of audiance

20 to 5000 people

Space requirements

Trio: at least 2 x 3 meters
Quartet: at least 3 x 4 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Ssassa has 3 differently dimensioned amplification systems, which are adapted according to the size of the event. A modest lighting system with 8 lamps of 300 watts each is available. Performances without any technology are possible.



Customers' views on this offer

Christian Dür, visualix Werbeagentur / visualix event


Es hat alles bestens geklappt – Super-Sound von Profis. Vielen Dank!

Hürriyet Özbey, C/O Cafe Secondas


Ssassa ist eine tolle Band, die Stimmung macht! Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Auftritt von Ssassa.

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