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Xenegugeli, the animal ABC

Xenegugeli, the animal ABC
Xenegugeli, the animal ABC
Xenegugeli, the animal ABC
A pleasurable musical journey through the animal world - the children's concert is a unique experience for adults as well.

A Berndeutsch classic goes around the world

The Xenegugeli Animal ABC is a dialect classic, and as a five-language animated ABC app it has become known far beyond the borders of Switzerland: It is played in Norwegian cribs, performed in Bümplizer nursing homes and sung on the streets of New York. Offer your young and old guests the Xenegugeli live - played by song poet Roland Zoss accompanied by guitarist Toni Tortuga.

From A for ant to Z for trembler

Very close to the child Roland Zoss leads through the animal world. From kisses to hedgehogs to the electrically rocked electric eel, from the Australian Jabiru to the extinct mammoth to the grosie, which "ergelsteret" itself because of the cheeky magpies, the journey goes around the alphabet. And one person is never missing at Xenegugeli concerts: Mäuserich Jimmy Flitz, the children's darling.

The history of the Xenegugeli

In 1999, the Animal ABC Xenegugeli appeared as a colour picture book and song CD, a total work of art in pictures, rhymes, lutes and songs, sung in Bernese dialect. "The Xenegugeli is a small masterpiece," praised the magazine Schweizer Familie in its year of publication. In 2009, the Xenegugeli was released as an app, in 2012 the Xenegugeli GOLD-ABC with 26 new animal songs came out, and in 2013 the work was expanded to five languages (Swiss German, German, English, French, Spanish).

Music pieces


Costs [CHF]

Solo programme (up to 120 people) 1'410.00  flat-rate
Performance as a Duo 2'185.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Public address system for up to 250 people
-   Two microphone headsets and transmitter
-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Travel expenses
-   Catering for the artists
-   Water on stage

Optional extras

-   Performance as a trio (+ CHF 600.00)

Team composition

Roland Zoss
Tony Tortuga

Size of audiance

100 to 350 people

Space requirements

4 x 6 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Lighting and back wall for poster. From 250 persons: Larger facilities to be provided by the organizer.



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Customers' views on this offer

Katja Liechti, Konzertkollegium Rüti


Das Xenegugeli-Duo hat das sehr gut gemacht.

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