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Dance show with the MDS-Duo

Dance show with the MDS-Duo
Dance show with the MDS-Duo
Dance show with the MDS-Duo
Dance show with the MDS-Duo
Dance show with the MDS-Duo
Dance show with the MDS-Duo
Dance show with the MDS-Duo
Energy and passion in perfect choreography: Caro Groove and Crazy Mave dance at your event until the floor shakes.

Dance spectacle at your event

When the MDS duo steps onto the stage at your event, the lights come on and the music sounds, you are in for a dance spectacle in a class of its own. In their breathless show the two professional dancers Caro Groove and Crazy Mave combine the elegance of ballet, the power of acrobatics and the fire of salsa with the emotions of breakdance. This lively mixture is rounded off with a good shot of humour, occasionally peppered with a pinch of illusion. One thing is certain: your guests will never cease to be amazed.

The different show blocks

The MDS duo offers three different show blocks, which you can book individually or together:

  • The funny "Crazy Show" includes acrobatic elements, breakdance, popping and street jazz.

  • At "The Dance Evolution" you can enjoy different dance styles like twist, salsa, robot, old school, jazz dance, ballet and traditional dance with live played bagpipes. A show in two parts of 8 minutes each.

  • The "Surprise Showcase" is ideal for wedding parties, as a birthday surprise and for closed events of all kinds. The show lasts about 3 minutes.

    About the dance duo

    Caro Groove and Crazy Mave have dedicated their lives to dance. For over 25 years they have been training and dancing. In countless shows, competitions and workshops all over the world they have already proven their skills and inspired their audience. Since 2005 the two bundles of energy dance together. In 2009 they founded their own dance school, the "Mavement Dance School", in the heart of Switzerland, where they teach children, teenagers and adults their passion for the different modern and classical dance styles of the world.


Costs [CHF]

incl. 8.1% VAT
Depending on the program
Dance shows from 1'000.00  flat-rate
Three show blocks and more
Shows of 3, 5 and 8 minutes. 2'500.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee
-   Travel costs within Central Switzerland

Not included

-   Travel costs outside Central Switzerland

Optional extras

-   Several show blocks (up to max. 4 per day)

Team composition

A dancer and a dancer

Size of audiance

20 to 10000 people

Space requirements

Minimum 4 x 6 m

Suitable for

upscale occasions, private parties, weddings, corporate events, festivals, galas, trade fair appearances and sports competitions

Not suitable for

Performances in public clubs or bars

Area of application

All of Switzerland


German, French, English

Customers' views on this offer

Daniel Sutter, IKEA AG


Unser Firmenanlass war ein grosser Erfolg- dies auch dank den hervorragenden Auftritten von MDS Entertainment!
Das MSD-Duo brachte ihre Nachwuchstalente mit, welche für gute Abwechslung in ihrem Abendprogramm gesorgt haben und sehr gut bei den Gästen im Saal angekommen sind.
Generell waren alle Darbietungen sehr durchdacht und mit der musikalischen Umrandung perfekt abgestimmt.
Das Engagement von MSD-Duo ist riesig und das Gesamtpaket hat mit hoher Professionalität auf der ganzen Linie überzeugt- sehr zum Weiterempfehlen!!

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