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Flamenco - Risas y suspiros

Flamenco - Risas y suspiros
Flamenco - Risas y suspiros
Flamenco - Risas y suspiros
Flamenco - Risas y suspiros
Spice up your event with a pinch of the south: Risas y suspiros exudes Spanish flair with fiery flamenco.

Traditional Flamenco

"Risas y suspiros" is a flamenco group in the traditional way: they offer singing, dancing and guitar playing. The group takes you into the world of fiery flamenco, which tells of long years of poverty and grief, of pain and despair, of dignity and pride, of grace and gracefulness, of oppression and exclusion, and of love.

The singing combines with the rhythmic footbeats of the bailaoras (dancers). The dancers are accompanied by guitar playing, palmas (hand clapping) and jaleo (shouting) and cheered on to the virtuoso finale.

The Grupo Risas y suspiros cultivates an authentic flamenco style. Their appearance fits everywhere where joy of life and celebration should be spread: At family and neighbourhood parties, company events, openings, etc.

The Dancers

Bridget's la pastelera
Born in Colombia, she came into contact with dance as a child. She dedicated herself body and soul to flamenco and completed a long basic training with Alicia Vargas.

Cornelia Semadeni
The path via expressive dance and theatre training brought her to Master Carmelia and the Flamenco.

Costs [CHF]

Company events
per dancer 450.00  flat-rate
per guitarist 450.00  flat-rate
per singer 450.00  flat-rate
Private events
per dancer 400.00  flat-rate
per guitarist 400.00  flat-rate
per singer 400.00  flat-rate
Amplifier system 50.00  flat-rate
wooden floor 50.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Route compensation
-   Possibly food and drinks
-   possible accommodation costs

Team composition

At least 2 women up to 7 persons (including singer and guitar)

Size of audiance

20 to 1000 people

Space requirements

min. 2 x 3 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Wooden floor and amplification system (can be brought along)


German, spanisch

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