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Valerian, the show for deceleration

Valerian, the show for deceleration
Valerian, the show for deceleration
Valerian, the show for deceleration
Book a stage show that is as witty as it is poetic, which knows one goal above all else: to slow down your guests.

Humoristic deceleration therapy

Valerian offers juggling and comedy in his poetic-humorous show, but above all: slowness. The artist understands deceleration as a counter-concept to today's frenetic times and sees in it a new quality of life. How entertaining, valuable and enriching slowness can be, Valerian shows your guests with a lot of humour and irony - and with strange flying objects, which he lets hover over the audience. In these and other actions there is the "deceleration therapy", which the artist uses. Or to put it in Valerian's words: Welcome to the "first show that can be paid for by health insurance".

Formerly 50% "Flügzüg", today 100% "Valerian"

At the beginning of his career the artist Thomas Leuenberger conquered the hearts of the audience together with Claude Criblez in the duo "Flügzüg" (often called "the slowest jugglers in the world"). Together they first made a name for themselves in Berne, then in the rest of Switzerland and finally all over Germany. After 21 years they took an artistic break. In 2009 Thomas Leuenberger entered the stage as "Valerian" with his solo show.

Costs [CHF]

Depending on the performance
from 4'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Required Requisites
-   Travel expenses throughout Switzerland
-   Performance and fee
-   Headset with loop

Team composition

Thomas Leuenberger

Size of audiance

20 to 2000 people

Space requirements

Area: 3 x 6 meters
Height: at least 2.8 metres

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

Stage lighting and hall equipment. The artist brings a headset and loop device with him.


German, English

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