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Urs Hügli Show

Urs Hügli Show
Urs Hügli Show
Urs Hügli Show
Urs Hügli Show
Urs Hügli Show
Urs Hügli Show
Urs Hügli Show
Urs Hügli Show
Urs Hügli Show
Urs Hügli spreads good humour in his very own style - comedy and artistry, charming and with a double bottom.

Comedy and artistry

Urs Hugli's programme fits many places. Hügli feels just as at home on the cabaret stage as he does at private and company galas, where he also enjoys hosting.
Hüglis speciality is to integrate your concerns into his programme. Since he is his own author, it is easy for him to implement your content artistically. The multilingualism and wanderlust of this multi-talent allow him to realize the program in English, Spanish, French or German.

Philosophical perspicacity

Urs Hügli is a popular philosopher. With passion and imagination he tries to convey what holds the world together at its core. He is not afraid to ask existential questions. When the artist juggles with faith, love and hope, the thoughts of the audience circle.
Hügli dances and sings. Now and then he is overcome by his strong emotions, which set him and the audience in motion. His repertoire includes simple karaoke, Swiss German evergreens, but also flamenco.

Unexpected Artistry

Hügli is an artist and acrobat. He juggles and balances ready for the circus. But the artistic acts never stand isolated in the room, but fit the theme of the show.

Costs [CHF]

Short appearances
approx. 15 minutes from 1'000.00  flat-rate
other arrangements
from 1'300.00  flat-rate
Whole days
e.g. measuring  

Included in the price

-   Fee
-   outward and return journey
-   Microphone system

Optional extras

-   A possibly required music system with speakers Technician

Team composition

Marcel Peter

Size of audiance

20 to 1000 people

Space requirements

4 x 5 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland

Required infrastructure

music system, bring your own microphone system



Customers' views on this offer

Edgar Eberhard, ebecon, eventmanagement


Ich war sehr zufrieden mit Urs Hügli, speziell mit seinem hohen Mass an Flexibilität und Improvisation, die aufgrund des Programms nottwendig war.
Er hat das Gesamtprogramm bereichert und für sehr gute Stimmung im Festzelt gesorgt.
Ich kann Ihn nur bestens weiter empfehlen.

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