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Scheppe & Boko: Men On Birds – mounted entertainment

Scheppe & Boko: Men On Birds – mounted entertainment
Scheppe & Boko: Men On Birds – mounted entertainment
Scheppe & Boko: Men On Birds – mounted entertainment
The two jockeys ride on ostriches to your event and offer your guests an absurd-clownesque show of a special kind.

Two riders and their birds

Men On Birds, these are two jockeys who ride through your event not on horses, but on the wildest birds on earth. It is only thanks to hard training, intensive dressage and merciless discipline that the two riders manage to keep their bouquets in check. Or at least one of the riders does: Jockey Sir Edmund Fergusson (Scheppe) is the absolute professional; his bird does what he tells it to do! He is accompanied by the chaotic jockey András (Boko), an absolute beginner in ostrich riding. If only this turns out well!

For any type of occasion

Men On Birds works everywhere. Whether they ride through an aperitif, humorously mix up the reception of your guests, roam around an exhibition center or perform a number on stage between the main course and dessert: The two riders with their bouquets are an eye-catcher at every event. They inspire young and old with a lot of playfulness and few words. The comedy duo performs as a walking act or offers a show, if desired also in several blocks, for example between the courses. The division can be adapted to your occasion.

The show

Dressage and riding exercises alternate with yoga contortions, juggling and daring jumps. At the end, there is the big race, in which the audience has to actively help. Who will win? Men On Birds captivates with situation comedy, expressive facial expressions and grandiose puppetry. Your guests are part of the show from beginning to end and can interact with the artists. Look forward to the best entertainment!

The comedy duo

Stefan Schäfer alias Sir Edmund Fergusson and Bálint Kostyál alias András studied at the School for Theater, Dance and Mime COMART in Zurich. Since 2016 they have been on the road as the professional comedy duo Scheppe & Boko with various productions at home and abroad.


Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Show and/or walking act
Performance from 1'400.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Travel expenses
-   Food and drinks of the artists
-   Any overnight expenses

Team composition

Sir Edmund Fergusson: Stefan Schäfer
András: Bálint Kostyál

Size of audiance

30 to 3000 people

Space requirements

For show: min. 4 x 4 m
Walking act: possible almost everywhere

Suitable for

Festivals, fairs, corporate events, weddings and celebrations of all kinds

Not suitable for

Rainy weather

Area of application

Whole Switzerland

Required infrastructure

For shows in large halls or halls: 2 headsets


Italian, German, French, English, Spanisch, Ungarisch

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