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Scurrile figures

Scurrile figures
Scurrile figures
Scurrile figures
Scurrile figures
Scurrile figures
Scurrile figures
Scurrile figures
Funny waiters and uninvited guests or even figures made to measure will spread a cheerful mood at your event.

Entertaining figures for your event

The "comic ensemble" has specialised in creating a good atmosphere with entertaining characters on the most diverse occasions:

Witty guest Edi

The witty guest Edi mingles unrecognized with the invited company as if he were your acquaintance or business friend. With his wit and mischievousness and his flair for surprising and comic moments he creates a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

Strange waiters

The strange waiters appear inconspicuously at the beginning. However, their industrious serving and their play on words make them stand out from the official service personnel as soon as the aperitif is served. The main course is a dish of bubbly wit and spicy situation comedy. A lively surprise bouquet rounds off the dignified meal with dessert.


Foti-Fredi, the whirling papparazzo with exclusive contract from "Corriere Della Sera" and "Vogue Paris" puts your guests in the best possible light, whether at an aperitif, tour or seminar. The photos can be printed out on site or burned on CD. Thus your event will not only be a cheerful one, but also an unforgettable one.

Custom-made figures, exclusively for you

The adaptable and versatile "comic ensemble" is used to doing extraordinary and original things in presentations and moderations, in animating the sales seminar, the trade fair appearance and internal training. From the initial idea to the tailor-made performance with the harmonious figures, you will be advised by the artists. The desired product will be produced exclusively for your event.

The Performers

Christine Camenzind trained as an actress at the Dimitri school. She first entertained the audience with her clownish solo programme; today she works as an actress, director and theatre pedagogue.

Patrick Furrer enjoyed his training at the mime school Ilg. He received further training in Paris and Rome and toured with the juggler duo "Ilg" in the program of Circus Knie.

Costs [CHF]

Solo 1'600.00  flat-rate
as a duo 3'000.00  flat-rate
as a trio 4'200.00  flat-rate
More artists  
Moderations, trade fairs, product presentations
depending on complexity from 1'600.00  flat-rate
Tailor-made performances
solo from 2'500.00  flat-rate
as a duo from 4'500.00  flat-rate
More artists  

Included in the price

-   Fee and performance
-   Usual props

Not included

-   Catering
-   Possible overnight stay

Team composition

1 - 12 actors / artists

Size of audiance

10 to 1000 people

Area of application

All of Switzerland



Customers' views on this offer

Branka Miljanovic, optrel AG


Vielen Dank für diesen lustigen Abend! Perfekte, kreative Unterhaltung und tolle Fotos als Andenken für alle Kollegen. Sehr zu empfehlen!

Daniela Illi


Es war ein sehr lustiger Abend. Fredi war einfach Super!!Er machte auch sehr schöne Fotos vielen herzlichen Dank.

Mirjam Sturzenegger


Es war einfach der Hammer! Den ganzen Abend hindurch immer wieder top Unterhaltung mit "Fredi" und als Erinnerung noch die tollen Fotos.
Nur zu empfehlen!

Caroline Chételat, Center for Continuing Dental Education, CCDE


Fredi bereitete unserem Team einen unvergesslichen Abend und es gelang ihm, junge und ältere Mitarbeiter sogleich zum Dasein und Mitmachen zu animieren und auch den ganzen Abend zu unterhalten.
Die Stimmung an dieser Klinik Weihnachtsfeier war gelöst und locker, das haben die Teilnehmer freudig bemerkt, den Abend genossen und hoffentlich in bester Erinnerung behalten.
Fredi danken wir ganz herzlich für seine Unterhaltung und Unterstützung.

Adrian Gsell, Putzfrauenagentur AG


Herr Furrer trat bei unserem Jubiläumsfest als Solokünstler Fredi auf. Zum einen mischte er sich als komischer Gast unter die Leute und im zweiten Teil hatte er einen Bühnenauftritt, wobei er unsere Gäste 20 Minuten mit seinem Programm unterhielt.

Der komische Gast kam bei allen gut an. Beim Bühnenauftritt spürte man anfänglich eine gewisse Unsicherheit, welches sich allmählich auflöste, bis er gegen den Schluss zur Höchstform auflief.

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