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stefanalfred - weather independent songs for adults

stefanalfred - weather independent songs for adults
stefanalfred - weather independent songs for adults
stefanalfred - weather independent songs for adults
The Duo stefanalfred entertains your guests with songs in High German and dialect, garnished with jazz blowers and make sayings.

Songs from the life cycle

With the duo stefanalfred you offer your guests a colourful programme with self-written songs, which are mostly funny, sometimes subtle and sometimes thought-provoking, but always entertaining. The lyrics in High German and dialect deal with the beautiful and less beautiful topics of life, such as the joys and sorrows of relationships, work and leisure, health and illness, recovery and death. The music is always a hot topic, preferably in the direction of jazz and folklore.

Formations and program duration

If required, the Duo stefanalfred also plays in the so-called "street music formation", i.e. with small instruments in a small space, but with their usual seriousness and heartfelt character. The two musicians offer you a full evening programme if you wish, or serve your guests shorter musical appetizers, tailored to your occasion.

The two musicians

The duo stefanalfred consists of the singer-songwriter Stephan Daehler (vocals, guitar, piano) and the musical multi-talent Peter Baumann (vocals, piano, accordion, wind instruments). Besides sounds and vocals, the two musicians also provide entertainment with their comments between the songs.


Some samples

I'm Stefan.
Hut no hut

Costs [CHF]

Fee from 1'200.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Performance and fee

Not included

-   Travel expenses
-   Catering for the musicians
-   Possible overnight accommodation costs

Team composition

Two voices and various instruments (acoustic guitar, electric piano, accordion, various wind instruments)

Size of audiance

20 to 100 people

Space requirements

Minimum 2 x 3 m

Suitable for

Appearances on cabaret stages, in cultural restaurants, at dinners with a cultural supplement, as an interlude at company events of all kinds, at anniversaries, open days and private celebrations (round birthdays etc.)

Not suitable for

Occasions where there is no need for music and lyrics, but the guests prefer to talk to themselves or to each other

Area of application

All of German-speaking Switzerland as well as Germany and Austria near Lake Constance

Required infrastructure

Power supply 220 V


German, Schweizerdeutsch

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