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Why Not - Duo acrobatics

Why Not - Duo acrobatics
Why Not - Duo acrobatics
Why Not - Duo acrobatics
Why Not - Duo acrobatics
Why Not - Duo acrobatics
Why Not - Duo acrobatics
Why Not - Duo acrobatics
Why Not - Duo acrobatics
The two artists create powerful aesthetic pictures full of elegance and charisma. You can look forward to perfect artistry and emotional dance.

Why Not - The elegant acrobatic duo

Why Not is an artistic show with a lot of elegance and suppleness. The two artists of Art en Air create emotional, powerful images. Duration of the show: approx. 9 minutes

Circus Circus

The comedic version of the duo acrobatic show also uses playful elements such as hula hoop. It is very suitable for festivals, city festivals etc. Where are the artists? ...ask Coco and Roro, who prepare the stage for the artists.
Duration of the show: from 10 to about 35 minutes


Possible elements: Duo acrobatics, hula hoop, unicycle, juggling, dance, antipodes etc. One or more artists will be used depending on your wishes. The costumes can be adapted to the occasion.
Walk acts are suitable for example as accompaniment during an aperitif.

Roswitha Doebelli

Roswitha started ballet as a little girl and gained her first experience in acrobatics on the ground and in the air (on the trapeze) as a child in the children's circus Robinson.
Afterwards she competed in apparatus gymnastics and took part in numerous shows. Later she completed a three-year study of dance and choreography for modern stage dance at the ZTTS in Zurich. During and after her dance studies she continued her education in numerous workshops with national and international teachers in dance, choreography and artistry. She also worked as a stage at the Ecole de cirque Zôfy in Sion and at the renowned circus school "the Toronto School of Circus Arts".

Costs [CHF]

Depending on location and scope
Duo from 1'500.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Rehearsals and performance
-   On-site assembly and dismantling
-   Travel costs up to 150 km

Not included

-   Catering and possible overnight stay
-   Travel costs from 150 km

Optional extras

-   Own amplifier with battery (for smaller occasions)
-   Fire show and air acrobatics
-   Spotlight and carpet for the performance area

Team composition

Two Artists

Size of audiance

10 to 2000 people

Space requirements

At least 3x3 meters

Area of application

All of Switzerland and worldwide


German, French, English, Italian, spanisch, nonverbal

Customers' views on this offer

Caroline Ott, Geburtstagsgäste


Das Duo hat uns vollends überzeugt!
Die Zusammenarbeit hat vom ersten Kontakt bis zur Verabschiedung am Festtag selbst bestens geklappt!
Die Shows waren faszinierend, kurzweilig, abwechlsungsreich und bewunderswert - durchs Band positives Feedback auch von den begeisterten Gästen!
Herzlichen Dank - ich kann Roswitha und Lucia nur weiter empfehlen!

Tina Wiederkehr, Aargauer Zwillingsverein


Die Show war bezaubernd abwechslungsreich und toll. Die Künstlerinnen sehr nett und felxibel. Ich kann diese Artistinnen sehr gut weiter empfehlen.

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