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The Outdoor Dreams Team in February 2021. From left: Karin, Urs, Marita, Mirza, Ingrid, not in picture Stefanie Stauffiger

About us

How it all began

Development of the idea and the concept of the "Tipi village" for Expo.02.


Development and launch of www.team-events.ch, an online platform for company events and team building with a range including outings, outdoor activities, and team building.


Expansion of the consultancy. Development and launch of the telephone advice hotline for companies.


Development of an artistes' platform tailored specifically to the needs of business customers.


Development and launch of the advice platform www.seminarlocations.ch, with a range extending from a free booking service to the complete outsourcing of seminar organisation.

Outsourcing of artistes from www.team-events.ch to their own site, www.artisten.ch, and expansion of the artistic range to include private events.


Focus widens to include culinary programmes and gastro-events such as team cooking, Christmas meals, and fine cuisine experiences.


Introduction of the new "Moderators" rubric on www.artisten.ch


Redesign and relaunch of www.team-events.ch and www.artisten.ch, and upgrade of the platforms in response to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Translation of selected team-events.ch programmes into English.


Outsourcing of the culinary offers from www.team-events.ch to the own website www.erlebnisessen.ch.


Expansion of the offer on www.erlebnisessen.ch to include the category «Food Trucks».

Urs Karrer becomes sole owner of Outdoor Dreams GmbH.


Relaunch of the seminar hotel mediation platform www.seminarlocations.ch with many new options such as the seminar hotel search on a map of Switzerland or the booking of our various mediation offers.

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